Updated November 29, 2011.


November 28, 2011. Samuel J. Ansel was the son of James. He is located in the right lower corner of the ANSELL FAMILY TREE.
Samuel J. Ansell was born 20 September 1803 on Knotts Island and according to the church records, died 15 Oct 1859. He married Lydia Beasley.
1. Henry Beasley Ansell, who married Lydia Simmons on 20 Oct 1859.
2. Letitia.
3. Samuel Jasper, born 11 May 1844 married Mary S. This marriage produced two children Lenora, born 17 Sept 1874 of Knotts Island and Lydia Susan who married John Gregory. Lenora, better known as Nora, married Caiaphias Howell Caffee, better known as "K". They were married 18 July 1900 on Knotts Island by Justice of the Peace E. S. Bowden.
4. Susan born around 1848-1850.
5. Jerome born 1852 md Bethany Ann Cooper.
6. George Washington born 1855 md Sarah Virginia Ansell
The Ansells were farmers and waterman all through the years and still many Ansell families live on the Island, carrying out the same professions as their forefathers.
Jack Dudley commented that Susan born about 1850 married on March 13,1871 in Currituck to John T. Frost  and on marriage license that  Justice Of The Peace was H. B. Ansell. Her Brother.

November 29, 2011. Comment Jack Dudley - The Will of William Beasley who died in 1832 said his wife was Lydia. The Will does not mention the names of the children. However it may be because they were too young. This may be the parents of Lydia Beasley Ansell. She would have had a Brother. His name was Henry born 1817.