April 9, 2011.


April 7, 2011. BARNES LODGE

April 11, 2011. John Anthony Barnes

From the John Barnes Collection

John Anthony Barnes, Jane Elizabeth Batten. Parents of Maud B. Geer, Letha B. Malbon, Harry O. Barnes, John Elliott Barnes.
John Elliott Barnes Sr.
John Elliott Barnes Sr.
John Elliott Barnes Sr. Frances Fentress Barnes parents of John Elliott Jr and Betty Lee
Elliott Barnes, Mrs. Land, Orion Waterfield plus Mr. Wicker. I guess he didn't like crabs.
Grandpa Wicker, Daddy John, Uncle Clyde Malbon, Wendell Malbon
John Jr.
John Barnes Jr.
Betty and John.
Betty, Robert Fentress. Cousins
Betty, Hope Williams.
John in his State award winning garden. He won two weeks at NC State and two weeks at VA Tech.
Great YEAR, Right John? This is the year we were born. I'm older.
Federal Game Warden's Boat.