Updated February 9, 2013.

Beasley Line

September 18, 2010. Comment - Melinda Lukei: This is not all I have on the Beasley Family. It's the part that Dale Beasley and I are descendants of. I have a lot more but I can't connect this part to the main line. I also have a couple more lines that begin as early as 1754. I will get these at another time as all the families go into them. White, Simpson, Jones, Ansell, Waterman, Litchfield, Capps, Wicker, Dudley, Bowden, Brumley, Dozier, West. I have not been able to connect all the Beasley's together, but maybe someone else will have something to connect them. I tried to not copy information on those born 1930 and later. Rumor says that this family is related to the Senator Beasley of Currituck whose little boy was kidnapped. I was never able to prove that. My mother told me that the family would visit Senator Beasley when he was home on the Currituck side.

September 21, 2010. JOACHIUM BEASLEY

January 8, 2011. DALE BEASLEY

September 20, 2010. BEASLEY BIBLES

September 27, 2010. JOHN H WHITEHURST

February 9, 2013. MATTIE BEASLEY