Updated August 1, 2013.


July 22, 2013. Comment - Melinda Lukei: Jesse Bowden married Sally Ann Ansell. They were the parents of Mary Pat Bowden b 30 Mar 1882 and died 14 Oct 1951 who married John Levy Miller b 30 May 1877 died 19 Dec 1946. John Levy was the son of Solomon B. and Elenora Miller. John Levy Miller married 1st 19 July 1893 Julia A. Waterfield b 1874. They were the great-grandparents of Jane Miller Brumley and the children of Mahlon, Twiford and Victor Wade. Jesse T. Bowden was born 19 July 1845 (also have a birth date of 30 Mar 1845) died 5 Dec 1921 married 18 Feb 1881 Sarah "Sally" Ann Ansell b 17 Oct 1860 d 5 Jan 1937. She was the daughter of William Ansell and Ann Beasley. Jesse was captured on Knotts Island during the civil war and was taken to Fort Norfolk. He died of TB. He was a mechanic. Photo's Jane Brumley.

Jesse Bowden
Sarah (Sally) Ann Ansell
Sarah (Sally) Ann Ansell
Mary Pat Bowden
John Levy Miller
Standing Mamie Ballance, Sally Anne. Sitting Mamie's mother Mary, Jesse Bowden

November 14, 2012. Comment - John Bowden: I found the old family bible and copied the attached pages. It also appears that John and Emma had a 3rd child named John Gillon born March 31, 1863. I can't find anything on ancestry about John Gillon.

Comment - Melinda Lukei: Timothy is buried in front of the wine processing plant at Martin's Farm on the Knotts Island. I dug up his tombstone. Arilla Bowden d/o Linwood Bowden remembered where it had been and went to Knotts Island with me to find it. It was underground and she and I pulled it up. I have been told that it is underground again. It's about 50 yards to the right of the middle of the shed they use for mashing the grapes.