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September 16, 2011. From Sue Fentress Austin as published in the Heritage of Currituck County 1670-1985

Lydia "Ted" Asbury Beasley

My mother, Lydia Adell Brumley Fentress, was a daughter of Edgar Wright Brumley of Knotts Island. My mother's grandfather was named John Jess (b. 3-26-1854 d. 9-30-1896) and was married to Lydia (Ted) Beasley (b. 11-16-1862 d. 6-26-43). They had several children, only one of whom was a boy (Edgar Wright Brumley). The girls were named Laura Virginia, Lessie J., Weezy E., Annie (Addie), Clara M., and Susie.

John Jess's father was David Bromley (note different spelling) who was born 1-22-1820 and died 1-19-1904. His wife was Mary E. Cooper (b. 5-14-1821 d. 5-10-190). Their children were named William, George, Ann, Minerva and John Jess.

David BromIey’s father was named John (b.1780 d. 1849). He was from New York and later moved to Michigan which was then part of the "Virginia Territory." He was a veteran of the War of 1812. His wife was Anne Whitehurst (b. 1784 d. 1853) of what is now Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their children were Anne, Thomas, William, Henry and David. John was referred to as "John of "Witchduck" because, as a farmer, he leased a plantation by that name. John sailed with a relative of New York, was shipwrecked off Cape Henry and taken to someone's house and apparently while there, met Anne.

John‘s father was also named John. He wed a woman in 1828 named Eliza Palmer. Records show that he purchased a troop of horses. John lived in Frostburg, Maryland and worked with a A.G. Hecknote, a noted topographical engineer of Maryland.

John's father was William (b. 1721 d. 1804) who was born in Connecticut. In 1776-80 he was Town Clerk, Selectman in 1781, and Treasurer in 1783-85. He helped to shape Danby, Vermont’s society. He married twice, first to Mary Charles, later to Hannah Palmer.

WiIIiam’s father was also a William (b. 1694 d. 1769). He was from New London, Connecticut and owned a grist mill. His wife was named Judith.

William‘s father was yet another William (b. 1668 d. 1701), also from New London, Connecticut. His wife was Lydia Billings.

William's father was known as Luke Bromley and was born in 1648 and died probably around 1700.