August 8, 2013. From the Jane Brumley Scrapbook.

? Beasley
Wilson Cooper Jr
Lydia 2nd wife, Wilson Cooper Jr
Jim Bowden
Blanche Smith. Sister of Add White's mother
Dallas & Lonnie Williams, Norwood Ansell
Anderson Waterfield, Florence Grimstead
Gladys, Bill Stevens. Bill worked on the roads. Gladys drove the school bus.
Bill Stevens
Mamie Ballance mother of Love Ballance Etheridge.
Frances Ansell, Clara Doxey 8/1/20
Minerva Waterfield. M1 Jake Litchfield, M2 Sol. Miller
Willie Cooper, Moody Waterfield Willie & wife Eunice delivered mail & newspapers.
Arvella Capps, Elva Jones, Helen Capps
Vergie, Kerwood Waterfield
Vergenus Waterfield
James Nonie Miller, Lester Waterfield. Lester was blind but able to walk all over the Island
Luther James, Maude and Roy Beasley. Agnes and Luther Murden.
Luther Murden, Albert Dixon, Moody Waterfield, William Stevens, Luther James Beasley.
Marvin White husband of Iona Powers White