September 10, 2011. JESSEE & MARY CAFFEE by Edgar T. Brown, First Cousin of Larry Caffee. Published in The Heritage of Currituck County 1670-1985.

Jesse Caffee and wife Mary lived in Currituck County as had their ancestors for many years. Jesse died in 1825 leaving Solomon W, John T, Jesse Monroe and Mary Ann.

Solomon, born 1814 in Currituck, married Lydia White and they had seven children: Solomon, William Thomas, Jesse, Nancy, Molly A., Tid and Lydia. Solomon was a sea captain and was buried at sea. Lydia, born in 1818 in Virginia died 25 April 1908 in Norfolk, Virginia at 90 years of age.

John T. Caffee born 1815 in Currituck County married Nancy. John was, also, a Mariner.

The story goes that Solomon and John sold their fleet of ships and holdings to help finance the souths part in the Civil War.

Jesse Monroe Caffee born August 1882 in Currituck County married Rebeckah Bohlken, born May 1820 in Saint Brides, Virginia on 12 October 1843 at the Saint Brides Parrish.

After Jesse married he moved to Norfolk, Virginia with his new bride and there he became a policeman. It did not take long to realize that the city life was not for him, as by 1860, we find him teaching school at Knotts Island. Jesse was a self taught man and well respected by everyone on the island. For many years he was the Clerk of the Baptist Church on the Island. He died in his 80‘s and she in 1903 on the island. Their marriage gave us the following issue:

James Monroe, born 22 October1844 married VaCason Etheridge, John Thadues, born 1848 married Lydia Moore, Jesse A., born 1850, Luther, born 1842, died in Columbus Co., N.C., William Thomas, born 27 February 1851, married Mary Jane Holland, Solomon, born 1855, and Caiaphias Howell, born 5 September 1857, married Lenora Ansell.

Caiaphias married Pattie Simmons 26 February 1868 at Princess Anne Co., Virginia. He, also, was a policeman for a short while in Norfolk and later became a baggage master for the Norfolk and Southern Railroad between Norfolk and Virginia Beach. It was here he got his leg crushed while connecting two cars. He then had to return to Knotts Island where he worked on farms for 50 cents a day, paid by the month.

He once experienced an earthquake while spending the night at the John Cason Farm on Munden Point. It is said to have rolled him from one side of the bed to the other.

"K" (Caiaphias) and Nora (Lenora Ansell) were married 18 July 1900 at Knotts Island where he had become a farmer. He also at this period was the undertaker, grave and well digger. People would come from miles away to get him to come and shroud someone and bury them, for which he received three to five dollars.

"K" died 3 December 1928 in Virginia Beach and is buried in Knotts Island. Nora died 17 March 1945 and is buried in Mundens Point.

Their marriage gave Mitchell Monroe, born 1901, died 1905, Luther Kelly, born 1902 and Minnie Buth, born 3 March 1910 on Knotts Island. At one time Minnie’s family lived in a house in North Carolina and the farm buildings were in Virginia.

In 1924, my mother moved to Virginia Beach and in 1925 she met my father. On 11, April 1928 Minnie Buth Caffee married John Tyree Brown, then the Jailer at the town of Virginia Beach.