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May 4, 2011. COMMENT- Melinda Lukei: Jerome Bonaparte Cason b 5 Jan 1830 died Dec 1895 md 14 Aug 1855 Julia Ansell born 30 Oct 1837 died 8 Mar 1920 (she was the daughter of Malachi Ansell and Elizabeth Beasley). This Jerome had a brain tumor and shot himself. Jerome and Julia had two surviving sons, Jerome Bonaparte, Jr b 17 Apil 1865 and died 24 Oct 1956 and George Bailer/Baylor Cason. They had two other children both died young. Luvenia a daughter and an infant son.

George Bailer/Baylor Cason, born 3 Sept 1872 and died 28 Feb 1949, married Amanda Wicker, born 3 Sept 1876 and died 10 Jan 1912, daughter of Christopher Wrenn Wicker and Sarah Susan Bailer/Baylor. Their children were Otto Jackson Cason (died in a house fire, single), Bessie Lena Cason married Samuel H. Waterman, Lundy Louis Cason married Bessie Frances Tatum, Cassie Bell Cason married Claymond Hardy Ewell and Sarah Frances Cason married Wendell Lee Waterfield (their daughter Cassie Bell married Royal "Hutch" Hutchinson). The Cason's started out in Princess Anne County now Virginia Beach, but Jerome, Sr. and his brother William S. Cason, children of John Martin Cason and Lydia Smith, were born on Knotts Island. The 1st Thomas Cason was in Lower Norfolk, County (now Virginia Beach, VA) before 1635 and received a land patent 17 OCt 1643. He was a vestrymen in Lynnhaven Chapel from 1640-1645.

September 28, 2011. From William E. and Dorence Simpson. Published in the Heritage of Currituck 1670-1985.

Jerome Jr
Front row: Everette Simpson, her father Jerome (85th birthday) Backrow: Wilbur and John Cason

Jerome Bonepart Cason Jr. (b 4/17/1865 d 11/24/56) was the son of Jerome Bonepart Cason (b 1830) and Julia Ansell (b 10/30/1837, d. 3/1/1920). He had a brother, George Baler (b. 9/ /1972, d. 1949) and in Jerome‘s personal diary he said he had a little sister, Lavenia, who died quite young, and an infant brother who died. They lived on the east side of Knotts Island now called Cason Field. He went to school at Holly Tree Branch and was taught by his great Uncle Alexandria Smith in one grade. His diary reflects "these being my happiest days, as barefoot boys, we played games, wrestled, ran races, and sometimes boxed."

Jerome went to work at age 13, hired himself out as a carpenter’s helper and lived with several different families as he helped build their homes. He married Medora Jackson who was the daughter of John C. Waterfield and Sarah White. They purchased a house and started working for himself, farming, fishing and as a carpenter. It was through his in-laws that he received a position in the Life Saving Service, later called Coast Guard, at the Wash Woods Station in August 24, 1984, at age 29. Then his hardship days were over as the pay was good for the day.

To quote Jerome from his personal diary about the Life Saving Service, "We had to patrol the beach the worst of weather and sea tides, our job was to keep ships from coming ashore, by burning Red Light signal at night and by Flag signals in the day, and of course, going to the rescue of ship ashore, and men in the Life Saving Service, We would meet the patrol men from the next station at the Half Way House, at the end of our beat and would stay for about an hour, or so and chat awhile before returning to our Relief Station, sometimes we would have to wade part of the way back when the beach was flooded by ocean‘s tides, that sweep across the beach. This was a tiresome, wearisome job, and especially during a hurricane. I have been on patrol when the wind was blowing at 75 miles an hour or more. The first ship that I helped to land the crew was an English Tramp Steamer, named Newbank, this was my first experience landing a crew. There were seven others besides that I assisted in, 14 all together, one airplane in distress. I also reported one German submarine which had run too near the beach in a fog. This was also reported at False Cape, but nothing came of it. I know it was German, because there were no American submarines out at the time, or so it was told us, We had a rather strenuous life in the service during the war years."

Jerome and Medora had ten children. They were Wilbur Walter (b. 4/1/1889, d. 4/25/1956), John Calvin (b. 9/ /1891, d. 7/18/1963), Addie Loraine (b. 1/6/1894, d. 2/4/1982), Edgar Leroy (b. 3/16/1896, d. 7/11/1979), Everett Medora (b, 3/12/1898, d. 6/22/1982), Paul Lesley (Jack) (b. 1900, d. 7/29/1974), Clyde Hallet (b. 3/ /1902, d. 8/15/1926), there was an infant boy that died but have no record of the other child. Medora died at childbirth with the tenth child on 3/1/1907. Life was very hard for Jerome and the children alter her death. He had to live and work at the station in Wash Woods, and the children had to take care of each other. They stayed a great deal of time with their Grandmother Waterfield and some with Grandmother Cason. Jerome retired from the Life Saving Service after twenty some years. He spent the remaining years farming, fishing and hunting. He acquired several pieces of land. He was so honest he sold many for what he paid for them. He did not think it right to make a profit, as he had enough money to live.

Jerome in his later years, approximately when 65 or 70 years old, married Lilly Rogers. They had approximately twenty years together. Lilly died a few months before Jerome died in October 24, 1956, and is buried in Knotts Island Methodist Church Cemetery by Medora.

Wilbur Walter Cason, Sr., first child and son of Jerome (b. 4/1/1898, d. 4/25/1956), married Mary Aleen Grimstead (b. 7/27/1902, d. 3/30/1982), the daughter of Charles Grimstead (b. 7/15/1876, d. 3/ /1955) and Nellie Bowden (b. 4/5/1884, d. 8/27/1918). Wilbur joined the Coast Guard at an early age. They lived up and down the coast from North Carolina, Virginia to New York, before retiring after twenty years in the service, and returned to Knotts Island. He worked at the Navy shipyard during the World War ll years and farmed and fished on the island. Wilbur was an astute reader, he loved books with a passion.

Wilbur and Aleen had seven children, Julia Elmyra (b. 6/10/1921), Edward Noble, (b. 9/13/1923), Wilbur Walter Jr. (Bug) (b. 6/27/1925), Hallet Clyde (b. 9/8/1927, d. 1/28/1928), Robert Benton (b. 1/26/1930), Kenneth Ronald (b. 2/15/1934) and Joyce Ann (b. 8/6/1940). All of Wilbur’s children have remained on Knotts Island except Joyce who lives on Churches Island. The boys followed the tradition and joined the Coast Guard. Elmyra married Edward Bradley O’Neal from Knotts Island (b. 12/26/1917, d. 7/25/1975) the son of Edward O'Neal and Eva May Smith. They had one daughter, Janice (b. 11/26/1946). Elmyra now lives in Wilbur's home with her brother Robert who never married. Robert worked for the Navy shipyard and now works for the City of Virginia Beach.

Edward Cason married Ida Jean White of Knotts Island the daughter of Sidney White and Lelia Waterfield. They have four children, Phyllis Mae (b. 2/14/1950), Jane Gail (b.9/22/1951), Edward Dwayne (b. 2/27/1960), and Michael Dean (b. 10/7/61). Edward retired from the Coast Guard after 21 years of service and lives on Knotts Island.

Wilbur Walter Cason, Jr. married Jeanette White (b. 4/5/1929) from Knotts Island, daughter of Sidney White and Lelia Waterfield. Jean and Jeanette were sisters. They have three children Wanda Jean (b. 6/23/1949), Deborah Lynn (b. 2/24/1974) and Anita Faye (b. 3/24/1962). Wilbur retired from Coast Guard after twenty years of service and now lives on Knotts Island.

Kenneth Ronald Cason (b. 2/15/1934) married June Faye White (b. 7/27/1936) from Knotts Island, the daughter of Fred Hope White and Hettie Waterfield. Kenneth and June have four children, Donna Faye (b. 6/9/1959), Kenneth Ronald Jr. (b. 3/10/61), David Wayne (b. 3/26/1963), Edrick Dean (b. 3/12/1973). Kenneth retired from Coast Guard after twenty years of service and now lives on Knotts Island.

Joyce Ann Cason (b. 8/6/1940) married Wilbert Whitwon (b. 11/16/1936). They have three children, (Wilbert Jr. (Woody) (b. 8/10/1959), Denise M. (b. 9/21/1960), Theresa M. (b.d12/6/1963). Joyce lives on Churches Island.

John Calvin Cason (Johnny), the second son of Jerome, served in the Army in World War I in France. He was in the band and was to go to the front the next day when the armistice was signed. He worked in tire factories in Ohio and later returned to Virginia Beach. He worked for the post office (Civil Service) until retirement. Though not formerly educated, he was noted as a mathematical genius. College students often came to him to work out difficult math problems. He never married. He died in July 18, 1963 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Addie Loraine Cason (b. 1/6/1894, d. 2/4/1982) married Marshell Shelton White from Knotts Island (b. 3/30/1893), son of Edmond White and Julia Williams. Addie was born and raised between Wash Woods and Knotts lsland. She was a housewife and worked at a movie theater in Virginia Beach. She was a devoted church member of the Methodist Church, Dawson Bible Class, Eastern Star and a very talented seamstress. She had seven children; Alethia (b. 4/27/1912) who had three children Connie Louise (b 10/12/1933), Rondell Christian (b. 1/2/1935) and Jimmy Lee (b 5/18/1932) reported missing in action in Korean War December 1, 1950. Alethia lives in Virginia Beach.

Medora (Dora) (b. 5/4/1914) married and had three children, Sylvia, Donnie and Janice. Dora now lives in Florida.

Margueritta (b. 8/21/1920) married and has three children, Dawn Lee, Jerri Lynn, and Larry. Margueritta now lives in California.

Laurel Hortence (b. 1/13/1925) married, has one son Gary, and lives in Virginia Beach.

Sibylia Loraine (b. 10/8/1932) married, has three children — Brian, Kelly and Patrick, and lives in Virginia Beach.

Rendell Shelton (b. 1916) was approximately five years old when he died of diphtheria.

Addie had a seventh child, an infant girl born/died before Hortence was born. Addie is buried at Rosewood Memorial Gardens in Virginia Beach.

Edgar Leroy Cason, fourth child and son of Jerome, (b. 3/16/1898, d. 7/11/1979) married Gertie Whitehurst (b. 12/12/1900) from Princess Anne County, the daughter of George Washington Whitehurst and Laurla Lee Ewell. Edgar joined the Navy when approximately seventeen years old and served with honors on a battleship during World War I. After the war he returned to Norfolk and joined the Norfolk Police Department as a rookie patrolman. He was one of the few who worked his way up from patrolman to Chief of Police. He received many decorations and honors during his career including the presidential award for saving three from drowning. After retiring from Police Department, he served as a Justice of the Peace and community advisor for years until his final retirement. He died 7/11/1979 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Edgar had three children. (1) Ray Leroy (b 1918, d. 1921) had measles that went into pneumonia causing his death, (2) Hazel Virginia (b. 11/22/1922) married and has one son Bruce, and currently lives in Virginia Beach, (3) Edgar Leroy Jr,, (b. 10/2/1929) married, has three children Linda Jane, Edgar Leroy III and George Alex, and currently lives in Virginia Beach.

Everett Medora Cason, the fifth child and daughter of Jerome, (b. 3/12/1898, d. 6/22/1982) married Russell Edward Simpson, Sr. (b. 11/8/1892, d, 4/19/1959) from Knotts lsland, the son of William Edward Simpson and Arsenah Williams, both from Knotts Island. Everett was born in Wash Woods and lived for 22 years at Knotts Island before moving to Virginia Beach. She loved flowers and working in the garden as a hobby. Everett was loved by all who know her. She was the last of Jerome’s children to pass away in 6/22/1982. She had two sons, (1) Russell E, Simpson Jr. (b. 11/8/1922) married having four children Louise Anne, Jane, Russell III, Russell IV and (2) William Everett Simpson (b. 9/12/1937) married having five children Heath, Debbie, Tonya, Wendy, Meredith and lives in Virginia Beach.

Paul Lesley (Jack) Cason, the sixth child and son of Jerome (b. , d. 7/29/1974) was married to Lillian Whitehurst. Lillian was a sister to Edgar’s wife Gertie Whitehurst. Jack served in the Navy in World War l and returned to live in Norfolk. He owned and operated an antique store in Virginia Beach, was on the Norfolk Fire Department, painted houses, trapped and fished, His wife died very young and he never remarried. They had no children. He died 7/29/1974 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Clyde Hallet Cason, the seventh child and son of Jerome (b. 3/ /1902, d. 8/15/192)was a good and gentle soul. When Clyde was a very small child, he fell on a stove and was burned on the face which left a scar for life. Clyde was a very handsome man even with this scar. He served on the Norfolk Fire Department with his brother Jack. He married a girl named Rose from New Bern, NC. He died at the age of 24 and is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Norfolk.