Cason Wicker Line

Christopher and Sarah Wicker

May 31, 2010. Comment - Jimmy Cason: Amanda Wicker, born 1876, was the daughter of Christopher and Sarah Wicker, married George Baylor Cason about 1895. He was my GreatGreatGrandfather. Christopher was a decorated war hero of the Confederate Army.

June 3, 2010. Comment - Gary Montalbine: As noted in the Cason Line outlined below, George Baylor Cason was the son of Jerome Bonaparte Cason and the brother of Jerome B. Cason Jr.

June 3, 2010. Comment - Melinda Lukei: George Baylor Cason, born 9/3/1872 on Knotts Island, died 2/28/1949 on Knotts island.

June 3, 2010. Comment - Melinda Lukei: Joseph Wicker born 1800 married Lydia Simpson* born 1810. They had children 1) John W. Wicker born 27 Sept 1827 Knotts Island, NC died 9 Sept 1889 Knotts Island, NC who married Fanny Waterfield born 14 May 1823 and died 27 Feb 1915. 2) Mary Wicker, 3) Christopher Wicker born 5 July 1836 d 20 April 1910 Knotts Island, NC. Married Sarah Bowden* born 16 April 1841/1844 and died 10 Jan 1909/1903. 4) Willilam Wicker b 1839 and 5) Julia Wicker born 1843. Christopher born 1836 had children William J. Wicker born 1867, 2) Mary Wicker 3) Amanda who married George Baylor/Bailer Cason and 4) Nancy Wicker born 1869 died 24 April 1926 married John Thomas White son of Luke White. * - corrected per Cindy Scott comments.

June 4, 2010. Comment - Cindy Scott: Joseph Wicker married Lydia Simpson, I got her last name from Oliver Jackson's death certificate. Christopher Wicker married Sarah Bowden. I got this from William Jackson Wicker's death certificate.