Updated November 8, 2012.

November 8, 2012. KNOTTS ISLAND CEMETERIES compiled by Melinda Lukei



April 29, 2010. This is a list of Cemeteries within: Currituck County. In part,this site contains pictures and information on the tombstones in the Knotts Island Cemetery. Photos of the Waterfield-Ballance and Waterfield-Ferrell cemeteries near the entrance to the Wildlife Refuge are also included in this list. Many thanks and appreciation to J. A. Owens for taking the photos.

August 29, 2010. FENTRESS CEMETERY

December 12, 2011. COOPER CEMETERY

April 18, 2010. COMMUNITY CEMETERY located between the Methodist Church and the School.

Entrance (West)
View Left (South)
View Right (North)

April 18, 2010. Comment - Jim Waterfield: The Knotts Island Cemetery was supposed to be a retirement project of Jackson Spratt a former postmaster and original owner of what is now Knotts Island Market. He kept sheep in there to maintain the grass and sold off tracts and lots. Old Currituck deeds verify this. Jackson's daughter Emily who died in 1892 was the first person to be buried there. Jackson Spratt died in 1913 and is not buried in his own cemetery. He is at Charity. All his property can be identified by the retaining wall that is there. When the new part of the cemetery was attempting to be recorded, a lawyer from Elizabeth City named Ray Etheridge came to me and stated that the Methodist Church was indeed not the owner. The owner is the descendants of Jackson Spratt. There are several descendants still living. I am the only one still living on the island. The Spratts were among the original settlers of Knotts Island going way back in the 1600s. The first Spratt was married to James Knotts daughter. MY gradmother Annie Spratt was the last to live on the island.

April 18, 2010. Comment - Melinda Lukei: Emily L. Spratt born 29 May 1873 died 1 Dec 1892, was the daughter of Andrew Jackson Spratt and Frances Ann Williams (his 2nd wife).

April 18, 2010. Comment - Jane Brumley: Just for the record. A number of the recent graves located on the South side of the cemetary (including my family(Miller) and husband (Brumley) were lots that my mother sold to people wanting a plot.

George Bullock. April 18, 2010. Comment - Jane Brumley: Up at Knight's Point (currently Yarborough property) there is a very old site of a very early Knotts Island settler. His name is George Bullock. George Bullock received a grant for property in the 1600's, His remains are there. I can remember seeing the very old stone with a brass plate. Over the years someone "removed" the brass plate. I do recall it saying "here lies George Bullock" but cannot remember anything else. He died when, his horse was frightened and ran in the water. Those of you who go out in boats probably know "Bullock's Hole" it so named for George Bullock. The next old stone is located on the Doxey property at the "Mill Cove" . It was a very old stone with the initials "CA" carved and nothing else. This is for Calab Ansell. The Mill Cove was named for a grist mill that was located near the water.

August 19, 2010. Comment - Jane Brumley: A very old photograph of the KI Cemetary which includes the old Junior Hall. Please note all the conch shells around the graves. I do remember the shells and that later they were removed to make it easier to mow the grass.