December 19, 2014. Comment Kim Scott: Today is the day. Knotts Island history will be made. My mom, Kay Scott, is retiring from Currituck County School System after 30+ years as a bus driver and custodian. I can't think of anybody who deserves this more than her. She is the hardest working woman I know. Mom, I can remember when you started driving the bus. I loved riding it and even going to school with you the last day every year and then, I became one of the students on it every day. You made riding the bus and ferry fun. Your "cheese wagon" was the target of many but never in a bad way, always fun. It was toilet papered more times than I can count, mooned by several different students, and even shot with a BB gun (thank you Peanut). You respected every kid that stepped on your bus and they too, gave you the same. I know you mean the world to so many on the Island and especially to me and our family. Currituck County will never have a better bus driver than you and you will be missed. So, Mom on your last day I want you to enjoy it, live it up, and say good bye. It's just a bummer for all the younger kids of Knotts Island who won't get the chance to ride your bus. Enjoy your retirement, Mom!! I love you!!

Barry Scott: Honey come on home and let's start over. It's time to go travel and go camping with friends and have fun. I love you My K K. It's been a great 44 years.

Dwight Scott: Well said Kimberly! It's just seems like yesterday momma decided to drive the KI kids to Currituck for school and there were some characters in that 30 years she and her family have came across. Now just you and daddy enjoy life. Please don't try to kill each other doing it.

Cindy Scott: Very well said Kim. Your mom is the hardest working woman I know, and fairest. She turned in my kids more than once, and they were her nephews. But she loved them very much as she does all her kids. Proud to have her as my sister in law

Reid Scott: Boy it's been a long time coming. Congratulations Aunt Kay we love you.

Cory Scott: Congratulations Aunt Kay!! Without you there are a lot of us Islanders who "Would" have been in a lot more trouble than we were!! You deserve this more than anyone and I know Uncle Bud is so glad he gets to spend everyday all day with his Kay Kay!! I love you and enjoy!!

Martha Lewark-Burns: Amen Kim, and the best tribute to her are your words. As a mom, I know I'd feel no greater pride than having my daughter say such right and true words. She raised you to be as special as she is.

Mandi Aydlett Conner: Your mom has safely transported many kids on that bus over the years...including me and both of my kids! Christopher loved her...and she and Maddi had a special bond....they both knew that they were both NOT morning people! lol! I told Maddi that she is retiring and Maddi said.."No...she's my girl!" She definitely deserves this! Congrats Kay!

Vance Aydlett: Well said Kim. Congrats Kay, Kathy and I have had children and Grandchildren that have traveled safely back and forth to school with you during your career. You have been much more than a bus driver to all of the cildren from Knotts Island. Thank you for all you have done. You will be missed. Enjoy your retirement.

Patricia Cason: Happy retirement ......you really deserve some Kay time........thank you for all the years of babysitting.....counseling.....refereeing......and mothering......to all the kid's that we're so lucky to have you driving them........YOU Will Be Missed....

Sue Walker: She definitely made many children's lives happier. She made a point to "know" all her bus kids and help them when they needed it. My stepdaughter Ashley Boone thought the world of her, although I'm sure she gave her a run for her money...Happy Retirement Miss Kay!!!

Kay Scott: Thanks Kimmie and Dwight! I love you. Thanks to all..

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