Updated November 4, 2013.



August 31, 2010. From Adell Carroll Eden. Ledger Star July, 12, 1976.

June 8, 2011. From Carole Garrett Strawhand. The Virginian Pilot November 11, 2004.


November 4, 2013. From Jimmy Cason:

I was telling s friend about the ongoing domino game down at the store. It has been going on as far back as I can remember, and I know there are others who can remember much farther back then I can. All this caused a couple other things to flash through my memory. If I recall correctly there was a checker board at Eddie Munden's store where men would gather. Am I correct about that anyone ? Also there was a game played at the "Old Jones Groc" down at Cason Point known as "Quoit." I heard my dad talking about it once. Not that he ever played but he remembered old timers playing it. My guess is this would have been in the 40s. The game was played much like "horse shoes" or a more popular current game of "corn hole." In quoit they tossed a lead disc into opposing holes or pits. That's about all I know about it. Before the Fire Dept. burned the old store for training, I was talking to Buggs Cason about the game. He told me "Go into the doors that are on the south end of the porch, turn to the right and reach up on top of the shelf next to the door and you'll find those Quoits." Keep in mind the old store had been closed for 40+ years at this point. This was around 1988 or 89. So I did what Buggs said and BINGO ! There they were. (see attached photo) I wonder how old they are ? I wonder if "Corn Hole" is rooted in Quoit or Horse Shoes or both ? I also wonder just how many places there are like Knotts Island where someone is still gathering to play some type of game ? A simple game played on a daily basis, that's been going on in that community as far back as anyone can remember. In a day and age where everything is so fast paced and people don't seem to have much time for socializing it does my heart good to know that our corner of the world has a group of guys who get together everyday to hang out and play domino's. Sooner or later one of them passes away and a new player steps in. I hope that when I reach those golden years of my life that the game is still being played and they'll make room for me.