February 7, 2011. OBITUARY

September 13, 2011. SIDNEY WHITE

July 28, 2010.

Ode to Elma

Written for Her 90th Birthday Celebration
Oak Grove Baptist Church

Shirley, Elma, Dalton
25th Wedding Anniversary 1966
50th Wedding Anniversary 1991
Walter, Lynne, Natalie, Marcy, Christopher
Christy February 1992

On a Sunday afternoon, in the year of 1920
A wonderful thing happened on that 18th of July
Pearl and Early had their first Midgette
And it brought forth tears from a joyous cry

Elma Elizabeth Midgette
Was the first of three sisters and a brother
Elma, Erlene, Dalton, and Shirley
And a loving father and a mother.

Born at the K.I. house of Grandma Dolly
and the home of Granddaddy Pack
This grandfather gave her a nickname
by calling her his “Jack”

She grew up on the beach
between the ocean and the bay
A lifetime friend beside her
Who everyone knew as May

A one-room schoolhouse at Corrolla
In the shadow of Currituck Light
She skipped the whole first grade
Because she was so bright

She tutored her own sister
Erlene, her reading made
And when Erlene wouldn’t listen
She asked, “You want to stay in the first grade?”

She wasn’t always the “Little Angel”
We’ve grown to know and love
She was caught a “misbehavin”
No more the “pure sweet dove”

So the teacher made her memorize
From dawn to setting sun
Each and every word, six verses
From the Bible of Psalm One

High School days were so much different
Traveling to “Downtown” Creeds
Walking from her Grandparents
Through all the marsh and reeds

To avoid the midweek walking
Boarding with Miss Sallie/Mr. Joe.
Five girls in one room sharing
On the old Pocahontas Club Road

She graduated at the top of her class
in nineteen thirty seven
completing it all in ten short years
instead of the customary eleven

She moved south to old Oak Island
And then north and Crisfield bound
Lloyd headed cross the ferry
For his truelove he had found

1941 saw many changes in the world
But for her it was her Mr.“Right”
Married September 7th,“41”
They became Lloyd and Elma White

It must have been the right thing
And not just a choice for kicks
For together they celebrated
Years that totaled fifty-six

October Third Nineteen Forty Two
Brenda Hope soon arrived
Larry Douglas comes on the scene
March Thirty First of Forty Five

A little later Sharon Elizabeth
Was brought through the K.I. door
On February First
Of Nineteen Fifty Four

Walter Lynne Natalie Marcy
And Christopher makes five
Of the best Grandchildren
that ever were alive

Christy David Sarah Russell Austin
Wesley Ashlee Justin that is eight
That’s what made this special Nannie
A Grandmother that is “Great”

Her hobbies they’ve been many
As she was always learning more
Sewing, crocheting, cross stitching
Candy, bread and in any cooking she would soar.

You are a real “Good Cooker”
One young grandchild did attest
Her family always would agree
Her recipes the best

She’s played many games of Scrabble
And in cards she never lacked
She would even teach the grandkids
How to win with her bobjacks

She’s been accused of having a foot of Lead
And with this, she will not fight
But she never got a speeding ticket
Just one for running the Pungo Light

She “stole” the Sheriff’s keys
Melba’s purse another day
And even took Bob’s Glasses
At least that’s what they say

She took the Pepsi Challenge
Like many another bloke
Though why she did it is not sure
You know she chose the Coke

She loved to travel places
Up and down the whole East Coast
Camera in hand to see the world
She’s known how to make the most

Yet it wasn’t till 1998
When she headed clean out west
Rode her first Airplane
And found it passed the test

At Crossword Puzzles she’s the queen
For many many she has done
Her expert ability it is sought
By friends who’re stumped by one

Christian stories of Love and Romance
She loves to read and read and read
Historical fiction she likes that too
A good ending it must lead

The one Book that she will read
Over and over and over
Is the Bible she has read
Many times from cover to cover

Sixty Two years a member
in Oak Grove Baptist Church
a solid foundation for her faith
has never left her in a lurch

When we told her she was the Matriarch
She said, “That is not what I’d like to be
It made her think a Fat Jewish Woman
Complete with a kerchief they would see

But Matriarch she is indeed
The leader of our clan
Setting a great example
The best in all the land

We love you and hope you know
By all the things shown in this special way
We hope you have the greatest time
on this your 90th Birthday

Written by Frank Jennings.

Frank, Lynne, David, Christy, Joseph, Sharon, Elma, Brenda, Sarah

Izola, Elma, Hazel