May 7, 2011.

From Jayne Fentress.

Mildred Ewell
Son, Wadell

Comment - Jayne Fentress: I was redoing some old photos and ran across these two pictures of Mildred Ewell and her son Wadell. Mildred (Mimmie) Ewell was such an important part of the Knotts Island Community when she was alive. She was very active in the Knotts Island Methodist Church. She taught a Sunday School Class for years. In her later years, she worked in all the suppers that the church had to make money. She truly loved the church and did everything that she could to help. She always did her part when things arose at the church.

She took care of children and cleaned some as ways of making a living after her husband passed away. She took care of my husband William R. Fentress Jr. (Billy) when his mother Adell taught school. She also kept other children during her lifetime too - Wendy Austin Burgett and Linda Dixon Jarman. She was in her 70's when my children Billy and Margie were born and was able to take care of them for me while I taught school. The children that Mildred kept and that were in her Sunday School Class referred to her as "Mimmie". All the children loved her she kept especially my children!

Comment - Janet Grimstead Simons: Wadell Ewell was my mother's (Iris Waterfield Grimstead) second husband. Mildred Ewell was also an expert seamstress. I still remember a cape she made for me for Easter about 1959. The lining was just as pretty as the outside material of the beige cape.