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From the John Barnes and Brenda Twiford Collection

Fannie A. Murden (1836)
Wife of Littleton W. Fentress (1836-1901) Mother of Littleton R. Fentress.

September 17, 2011. Comment - Melinda Lukei: Littleton W. Fentress was born in 1836 in Princess Anne County. He married Fanny A. Murden, born 1836. She was the daughter of Zachariah Murden and Elizabeth, and granddaughter of Batson and Mary Murden and great granddaughter of Robert Murden and Sarah. Fanny was born in Mississippi, but left when she was twelve years old. The family came back to Princess Anne County.

Fanny and Littleton were married 5 July 1859. There were five children of this marriage: Littleton Rosser, born 17 March 1867, married 27 June 1894 to Alice Ward; Lancaster, born 5 Oct. 1869, married Nellie; William married Cecil; Zachariah T., born Feb. 1865 married Lydia Frances Williams; Betty Elvira, born circa 1860, married Lemuel R. Waterfield. Fanny married C. M. Capps after Littleton W. Fentress’ death.

Edward Ward (1837-1916)
Husband of Ann Virginia Morse (1840-1905)
Father of Alice L. Ward
Littleton Rosser Fentress, Alice Ward Fentress. Parents of Essie Lena, Curtis Lee, Mamie St Clair, Frances Virginia, Edward Ward, William Rosser and Christine Elizabeth.
Littleton & Alice

September 18, 2011. Comment - Sue Fentress Austin: My grandparents were Littleton Rosser Fentress (b. 3/17/1867 d. 1/7/35) and Alice Ward (b. 11/11/1876 d. 9/21/47). My grandfather was raised in Virginia Beach, Virginia and later moved to Knotts Island. My grandmother was an island native. They met and were shortly wed on 27 Jun 1894. She was not yet 18 and he was 27. They moved several times on Knotts Island and eventually ended up towards the southern end of Knotts Island where they had a small farm of approximately 30 acres. They lived as most country folks did at that time. Grandmother Alice had chickens and took care of their rapidly expanding family. Grandaddy Ross was a farmer, fisherman, guided for various hunting clubs and also acted as a marsh guard for the clubs during hunting season.

Essie Lena (1895-1948) married Elswood "Pud" Roy White. Essie holding daughter Dot.
Mamie and Frances
Mamie St Clair (1900-1975) Married Claude Ellis Dudley (1898-1981)
Frances Virginia (1906-1996) Married John Elliott Barnes Sr.
Edward Ward Fentress (1909-1989) Married Ethel May Litchfield. With Daughter Pamela Jane
Edward Fentress, Frances Virginia Barnes

Curtis Lee (1897-1986) married Julia Etta Rowland (1901-1961)

William Rosser (1916-1994). Married Lydia Adell Brumley (1914-1991)

Christine Elizabeth (1919-2000). Married Benjamin Hope Murden (1915-1992)
Littleton's Brothers. Zacharia, Lancaster and William.

Curtis and Mamie worked for Mr. Joseph P. Knapp, a noted Currituck County philanthropist who made Knotts Island his part-time home. Curtis was in charge of the large boat used for transporting people and goods from the mainland to Mackey’s Island where the Knapps lived. They had a beautiful southern·style plantation home, complete with white columns and an unheard of backyard pool!

Mamie cooked for the Knapps when they were at their Knotts Island home. Later on she was asked to accompany the rest of the kitchen staff to their New York Park Avenue mansion to help with the cooking there. She was lonely in New York but said the Knapps were good to their servants, often getting them tickets to events at the Radio City Music Hall.

80th Birthday Celebration Frances Fentress Barnes

Edward Fentress, Frances, Christine Fentress Murden, William Fentress, Gracie Waterman Williams.