Albemarle Rural Planning Organization.

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Additional Contact and Meeting information is: HERE.  This includes the March 10 meeting agenda.

February 19. Meeting tentatively scheduled the week of March 10 at the Vernon James Center in Plymouth. Comments must be received one week prior to the meeting in order to be included in the agenda.



From Sen Bill Cook: It's not the General Assembly who is putting a toll on the Knotts Island Ferry route. In 2013 the decision was made to allow the local Rural Transportation Planning Organization to decide tolling determination. The goal of that decision is to have local leaders decide and not legislators who are from the Piedmont or Western part of the state. Although, I'm talking with other legislators about this issue and asking them to talk with those on the (RTPO). Below is everyone who is on the Albemarle Rural Transportation Planning Organization and they're the ones that have control of the outcome on this situation. I highly recommend you contact them and share your thoughts on how you feel about this situation.

Camden County - Michael McLain mmclain@camdencountync.gov
Camden County - Randy Krainiak, Alternate rkrainiak@camdencountync.gov
Currituck County- H.M. "Butch" Petrey Butch.Petrey@CurrituckCountyNC.gov 252-982-6065
Dare County - Jack Shea jjsheabg@peoplepc.com
Dare County - Wally Overman, Alternate wallyo@darenc.com
Hyde County - Benjamin (Ben) Simmons III twsbcsiii@aol.com
Pasquotank County - Lloyd Griffin III legriffin111@gmail.com
Chowan County - Jeff Smith jeffsmith@net-change.com
Perquimans - Edward Muzzulin e.muzzulin@mchsi.com
Tyrrell County - Leroy Spivey lspivey@tyrrellcounty.net
Gates County - Jack Owens jowens@gatescountync.gov
Washington County - Bill Sexton sextonfarms@embarqmail.com
NCDOT Board Member - Malcolm Fearing mac@108budleigh.com

February 10. Commissioner Vance Aydlett's response to Senator Cook.
I read with interest your comments concerning the tolling situation. We all fully understand that the RPO group holds the decision currently and we are working extremely hard to have some influence on that decision. My question concerns what is going to take place after they take this up and decide what action if any they are going to take. More precisely what action will you be trying to move forward when the legislature begins its summer session. As you heard at the meeting, Rep. Tolbert and Rep. Steinburg pledged to look into ways to stop the tolling issue. I heard you say that you were against the tolls. I am curious how you plan to approach the issue. Thank you in advance for your reply.

February 17. Senator Cook's response:
Commissioner Aydlett, I apologize for just now getting back to you, I had this email sitting in my draft folder. I talked with Rep. Torbett on Friday about this issue. We're both looking into legislation that could help the situation. My staff is currently working on drafting legislation and we'll get you to look over it prior to filling the bill. However, in the meantime lets focus on those who are on the RPO. I believe it's eleven people on that RPO including Malcolm Fearing. Where if we do end-up having legislation on this issue we will have to get the majority of 170 people on board. However, I do support you with having NO TOLLS on the Knotts Island Ferry route. Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have additional questions or concerns. Regards, Bill