January 22, 2014.


Our Government Reps.

Representative Bob Steinburg

Senator Bill Cook

Darnell Poff Gaddis. I just want to notify everyone of the Currituck County Board of Education's efforts to keep these tolls from being put in place. We held a special meeting just a few minutes ago where we reviewed and voted to adopt a resolution opposing ferry tolls in our area. It will be signed shortly and I will be happy to share a signed copy so that everyone can see it. This resolution will be sent to the NC DOT and our Local and State Representatives along with those persons in Raliegh who are heading up the committee regarding these tolls.

Vance Aydlett. Darnell--I know The County Manager is communicating with the Supt. of Schools on this issue. Both boards need to have a strong showing at the Feb. 4th Public Hearing. I think it would be good to have a joint meeting before then to build a game plan. I will bring that up tonight, ask that you do the same with your board. Thanks

Michael Payment. All of Currituck needs to get behind this effort and show their support for opposing tolls on Knotts Island Ferry. I have made contact with state officials regarding this as a Currituck concerned citizen and as someone who coached students from Knotts Island in Middle school.

Terry King. Let's "IF" this issue. "IF" the tolls go through, most likely ridership would suffer. "IF" ridership suffers enough....the "ELIMINATION" of the ferry service would be an obvious next action to expect. "IF" this happens, then we will "HAVE NO FERRY". "IF" we have no ferry, our ENTIRE way of life changes, our physical connection to NC will be severed. The KID'S will suffer the most.
    All of this will probably happen "IF" we the people do not stand up for our needs. Attend the meeting (if possible), voice your concerns (do not wait for someone else to speak for you), demonstrate your concern (if not they will assume you are happy with their actions). "IF" you do not think the tolls can lead to elimination of the ferry, then you are an ostrich. It happens in industry and government all the time. Supply and demand dictate justification. "IF" we look at the grand scheme of things.....the ferry system is not designed to make a profit, The ferry system is a water highway that the citizens pay taxes toward. The State is to use the taxes to serve ALL the people's needs, NOT just those in high density areas. The monies collected from our ferry will not make even a dent in the operating cost. The ferry by design will ALWAYS operate at a fiscal LOSS. I know there are those that will think my statements are far fetched, however, "IF" you do not stand up at this time.......then you are part of the problem NOT part of the solution. "IF" I could put more into it i would. So, here is MY two cents......all I have left after taxes and tolls. Have a blessed day.

Phyllis Hodges. Terry, I agree with you, but it is not over until the fat lady sings. I intend to call our Governor, Senator and reps and anyone else I can think of. I urge everyone else to do the same. The study that was done in 2011 was done to prevent this from happening, then it became a political football and this is where we are now. James you mentioned the additional cost to county budget, has anyone thought of the real estate impact on our property values. Property values will suffer from this. Already suffered from the kids having to drive to Moyock, people are moving and sales of existing homes are down. No one would consider buying property where they would have to pay a toll/tax to send their kids to school. I urge everyone to call and protest, get a petition. I will fax it to the governor. If we sit on our duffs and let this happen then we deserve tolls. Please make arrangements to attend the meeting and show support for our County Commissioners and especially Vance who has worked very hard and attended meeting after meeting trying to prevent this from happening.