February 17. From the Senior Center.
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Vicki Dixon and I am the Site Manager for the Knotts Island Senior Center. The Seniors are very concerned about the upcoming Ferry toll. The names listed below all agree that it would be a hardship if they had to pay anything to ride it. There is just too many things that we have to do over on the mainland. Not only does it save money on gas, but it also saves wear and tear on our vehicles. We know you have heard all the reasons we have to go over to Currituck; car inspection, driver's license, court, etc., the list goes on and on. We know some of you had to ride on the back roads the night of the meeting, so think of having to use them everytime you have a need to go to the mainland. Here is another thought; think of all the young drivers using those roads everyday to go to school. With an inexperienced driver, throw in bad roads, loud music and cell phones and you have a recipe for disaster. Please don't let it take the death or injury of a teenager to change your mind. We ask you to reconsider as tax paying citizens of Currituck County, please DO NOT TOLL OR TAX OUR FERRY!
With deepest respect, Vicki Dixon, Debbie Jefferson, Mary Waterfield, David Dozier, Jimmy Waterfield, James Caldwell, Bob Jones, Sue Austin, Glen Dixon, Gary & Heidi Montalbine

March 4, 2014. My name is Cheryl Flannagan and I live on Knotts Island, NC. I have lived here my entire life. I rode the ferry every day to school. I was a cheerleader for Currituck High School and used the ferry frequently to stay after for practices and participate in after school activities. I respectfully ask that you vote "NO" on the tolling of the Knotts Island Ferry. The ferry is an extension of our road and are only route into North Carolina without having to travel through another state. I currently have a son that attends JP Knapp Early College. He plans to attend classes at COA while he is there as well. He will be driving very soon. I know that if any of you took the route through Virginia to Knotts Island, you know how dangerous those roads are. The ditches are deep and the roads are very narrow. I don't have the statistics but l know of numerous deaths that have taken place on Hungarian Road. I don't want to deter him from staying after for school activities and we don't have the money to pay the tolls each day for him to ride it. it was put here as a free ferry for our school children and residents to do business in our community. We need this to remain free. Most of our residents are barely making ends meet and can't afford a toll. We consider this ferry an extension of our road way and a necessity for our children and our way of life. Thank you very much for your consideration. Kind Regards

March 4, 2014. Margaret Waterfield, Knotts Island. We cannot afford to have Ferry tolls. Taxes were just cut 26% for the people making over 250,000 and 27% for businesses so I guess the low people on the totem pole must pay more. This is totally immoral and unjustified. A ferry is a moving bridge. I don’t see the bridges being tolled as well they shouldn’t be but also the Ferries shouldn’t be tolled.