November 29, 2011.


My name is Eloise (Young)Tucker. My mother and grandparents were all born and raised on KI. My mother's name was Blanche Grimstead. We lived in that little house right next to the school. I went to that school all through grammar school until I went to Moyock High School before the ferry! My grandparents were Elnora and Charles Grimstead.

Grandparents, Joyce Cason, Eloise Young

Charlie was married once before to a woman named Nellie Bowden. Nellie and Charlie had 3 children, Aleen, (it is spelled differently sometimes) was one of them. The other two were Leatha, (OBIT), who married Fred Ansell, and Raymond. Aleen married Wilbur Cason. The girl standing beside me (I am on the right) in the picture is Joyce, Aleen and Wilbur's youngest child.

Aleen Grimstead Cason
Letha Grimstead
Blanch, Letha

Children of Letha and Fred Ansell. The order of their birth is Patricia Ann (Patsy), Nellie Page, Billy, Ronnie & Donnie (twins), Linda
Patsy, Nellie. Note KI school in background
Ronnie, Donnie
Ron or Don, Billy, Nellie, Patsy

Raymond Grimstead
Ella Grimstead
Fannie Carroll

Raymond Grimstead was my Mother's half brother. He was killed in a car accident right in front of their house. I believe he was around 21 at the time. He is buried in the cemetary on my Mom's property, just to the left side of Izola's property, right next to the road. It is all grown up now. You probably did not even know there was a cemetary there.
Ella Grimstead (or Elnora, she never knew what her real name was), Blanches mother, was Charles Grimstead second wife. She is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetary in Norfolk. (Nov.13, 1885-Jan.9.1965) Blanche was her only child.
Fannie Carroll (Aug 2, 1867) was Ella Grimstead's mother. She is buried in KI cemetary. Her tombstone as way down in the ground the last time we could see it and later on it was completely covered and we could not see it at all.

This is my Dad, Wilford James Young, on the right, out in the boat with one of his best friends, Fred Lewark. Also in his duck blind.