Updated August 6, 2013.

March 11, 2012. Thomas DeLon Houses

December 26, 2011. John Beasley's house

August 5, 2010. Ed Brumley house

August 12, 2010. Pud White house

May 18, 2011. Walter Jones house

August 6, 2013. Houses II

October 23, 2011. HOUSE FIRE MARCH 5, 2011. The house was located opposite the Hemseth Trailer Park near Blackfoot Rd.
Comment - Jane Brumley: I believe the original family that built the house were Ansells. I know that Virgie Ansell lived there when she was young. She is pictured in the recent Waterman photo collection. Chippy and Audrey Cooper lived in the house before they had their house built back on KI Bay (behind KI School). My mother, Ruth Waterfield Miller, took care of their children at that house, for a while, because both of them worked off the Island. I do not remember what year that was, however, I think it was while I was away at nursing school or maybe while I was in high school. Virgie Ansell is an ancestor of Carol Strawhand (husband Buddy Strawhand) and they live up Blackfoot. I remember Virgie but she did not live on the Island but down near the Virginia Beach oceanfront.

Comment - Vance Aydlett: Virgie and her husband Danny Combs moved back to Knotts Island around 1968 or 69. Danny was a mechanic at Beach Ford for a number of years. They were very nice folks. Phyllis Cason wife of Ricky Cason and her sister Jeanne were their adopted Daughters. Their residence was on Snow Goose Lane three lots before where Carol and Buddy Strawhand now live. Ricky and Phyllis lived next door to them until they built their house.

Comment - Keri Beasley Jones: Jenks used to live there and run the bar on the corner.

April 28, 2011. From the Cindy Scott collection. Photos from the 1960's.

End of Blackfoot Rd.

Lulie & Billy Beasley
John Williams House.
House at Simpson Neck.
Irving House on South End Rd.
Aurella Boyce at Bowden home 1928.

December 18, 2011. From Sharon White Atherton.

Norwood Ansell, KI Rd & Rutter Ln.
Claudia Capps, was on South End Rd near Capps Cemetery
Sidney White, was on Woodleigh Rd near Baptist Church
Herman & Charlie Jones, Woodleigh Rd near Ward Rd
Raymond Williams barn was on Knotts Island Rd

May 13, 2011. Comment - Jane Brumley: This a picture I took of an old house some years ago. It sat back in the field near the edge of the woods in the field on the left just before you get to where the dump is located today (near the State line). The property is owned by Fish & Wildlife. I remember walking to it and it being a very small house with, I believe, just 4 rooms. As you can see a very small brick chimney located on the south side, tin roof and unpainted exterior. I believe the Fish & Wildlife burned it down. My husband (Buster Brumley) remembers when a black man, Henry Lawrence, lived there. He cannot remember when Mr. Lawrence left the island.

December 21, 2011. From James Dudley. Fire training December 2006.