April 12, 2011.

Royal "Hutch" Hutchinson

ROYAL (HUTCH) HUTCHINSON 1922 – 22 February 2008 by Cassie Waterfield Hutchinson.

He was born in Southeast Georgia where he stayed until age 21. He left home and joined the Coast Guard. He served 21 1/2 years.

His first station after boot camp was Nags Head Coast Guard Station. Never being around a beach and a lot of sand he said what have I done. This is “No Mans Land”.

From there he went to Wash Woods C. G. station where he met the girl that was to become his wife. She was still in school so she was only there in the summer. She lived on Knotts Island. When he had liberty he came to Knotts Island anyway he could get there. On his time off he would work at an old saw mill on the Island owned by Mr Bonney. Hal Bonney's grandfather. That went for awhile and people got to know him. He made friends with anybody.

From there he went to the Virginia Beach C. G. station. After that he and his wife to be got married and had three children. When he retired he came back to Knotts Island to be a family man.

He joined KI Baptist Church after retirement (1964). He became a Deacon in 1977. He cut all the grass until he died. He was building Chairman for the new church and parsonage.

He started another career. Crabbing, fishing and hunting. He loved the water. He and a friend, Eddie Fentress, were two of the largest crabbers at that time in this area, selling their catch as far north as Baltimore. He gave up that career when he became Building Chairman for the Church in 1982. However that did not bother him. This is something the Lord wants me to do. I can live without the money and he did.

He and lots of others said we needed a fire department. They went to work on a firehouse. He was one of the first fire Chief's. Did lots of fund raisers to get money to start with.

He helped form the KI Ruritans. Made lots of friends in the Club and helped lots of people. He was voted Community Citizen of the year in 1996. He was a member of the Club until he died. Never missed a meeting unless he was gone.

He was a charter member and life time member of the Back Bay Chapter of the VFW.

He made a garden every year. More than enough for his family. Gave it to friends and people who needed food.

He loved everyone. Never knew a stranger.