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July 13, 2011. DR. EDWARD W. JONES


August 8, 2011. WALTER JONES

January 4, 2014. JONES OBITUARIES

August 3, 2011. CORNELIUS JONES Sr. by Melinda Lukei

Father David Jones. Born 19 Aug 1785 in Knotts Island. Died 2 Aug 1852 in Knotts Island. Mother Ann Beasley. Born 13 Jan 1786 in Knotts Island. Died 5 Jan 1850 in Knotts Island. Married 19 Sep 1820 in Kill Devils Hill, Dare County, NC.

Lillian Jones
Herman Guy Jones Sr
Herman Guy Jr, Preston
Paul Campbell Jones

December 6, 2011. Photos from Belinda Buck. I am the granddaughter of Virginia Dare White Jones. My mom is Betty Capps and my uncle is Gary Jones.

Great-great-grandfather Herman Guy Jones Sr. & Amy Lynn Roberts 1979.
Great-grandfather Herman Guy Jones Jr. & Amy 1979.
Herman Jones Jr., Robert Lee Jones, Sidney Guy White.

Melinda Lukei continued.

Paul Campbell Jones
Laurel Cornelia White Jones

August 6, 2011. Comment - Melinda Lukei: Laurel Cornelia White, the second child of Edmond and Julia White was born 11 Dec 1888 at Knotts Island. Died 20 Jan 1968 in Virginia Beach. She married Paul Campbell Jones on 12 May 1907 at Knotts Island. They had three children. Harold died an infant. Mary Elizabeth was born 26 Nov 1918 at Knotts Island and died 14 Oct 1956 in Norfolk. She was unmarried. My father, Alvah Lee Jones, was born 20 Feb 1912 at Knotts Island He died 18 April 1961 in Baltimore, MD (John Hopkins Hospital). He married Every Vance Williams on 11 Jan 1936 in Camden Co., NC. She was born on 29 Mar 1919 at Knotts Island and died 19 May 1980 in Virginia Beach. Alvah and Every had two daughters. Melinda Ann born 30 Oct 1937 and Deanna Leigh born 6 Sept 1940. Melinda married Reese Frederick Lukei on 14 June 1958 in Princess Anne Co. Reese was born 4 Dec 1938. He is the son of Reese Frederick Lukei, Jr. (sic) and Maxine Callie Hendricks. Reese & Melinda have 3 children, Debra, Reese III and David. Deanna married Charles Perkins Martin, Jr. on 21 Aug 1965 in Virginia Beach. Charles was born 21 Dec 1941 in Charlottesville, VA. he is the son of Charles Perkins Martin, Sr and Dorothy Lee Purvis. Deanna has three children Charles III, Adam, and Bethany.

Alvah Lee Jones

Every Vance Williams Jones

Deanna and Melinda Jones

Reese and Melinda Lukei

Myrtle Vance Jones
Floyd Williams, Myrtle