Updated May 21, 2011.

May 13, 2011. From the Joel Waterfield collection

Walter Jones Home that was opposite the Baptist Church. 1939.

Thelma Page Waterfield, 8 years old, Joel Landon Waterfield, 3 years old in the front yard of the Walter Jones farm. Joel would go over and see the mules and horses. They were all white. Walter said "The hardest workers were white horses and mules".

May 18, 2011. From Eloise Young Tucker. I have a lot of happy memories at the home of Dallie and Walter Jones. Their children were all grown and had moved to "the city" when I was a child. But all the grandchildren came and spent time down there in the summer. I was closest to Eloise Jones Cowand's daughter Genie (Eugenia) (and yes, I was named after her). Genie, her brother Robbie as well as cousins Ann and Walter all spent a lot of time there. There was a swing on a limb of one of those tall trees in the front yard. The small building on the left was the original kitchen. They used to build kitchens away from the houses just in case of fire. If it happened at least they still had the house! A more modern kitchen was eventually built in the house so then they used this building for storage and we used to play in there. The grinding wheel in this building was a simple source of entertainment for us kids. We like to see who could make it spin the fastest.

I remember the animals. Mr Jones had a black and white dog named Wilke (named after the presidential candidate) and a white horse. The horse was not a pet, he was a work horse, but the kids used to ride him once in a while. . .bare back.

Genie and I used to go up in the hay loft of the barn and stay for hours, away from adult ears, talking about all the "serious" girl stuff that girls like to share. Genie got married, moved to northern Virginia and had children. I did not see her for a lot of years and unfortunately she died of cancer at a very young age. I will always remember those carefree, fun times.

This first picture is of Eloise (Jones) Cowand. She was a teacher and was one of the recepients of a scholarship from Mr Knapp so that she could go to college. I think at least one other sister also had one of those scholarships.

Eloise Jones Cowand
Eloise, Genie, Robbie

1945 My favorite stuffed animal, Muffey.

Note: Woodleigh Road in 1945. Comment - Eloise: That must be the Herman Waterfield house then. As you can see it was all grown up at that point. I used to be almost afraid to walk by it. To my knowledge there was no other house between there and the Jones house.

Comment - Joel Waterfield: I do believe you have found a picture of my families home. It looks like the correct size and location. I was once told the building in the background was once an outside kitchen at Walter Jones house.