Updated November 22, 2012.


Hurricane Irene.
Comment: Gary Montalbine - Our front yard at 7AM on August 28, 2011. This is the highest water level I have seen since moving here in 1989.

Front yard at 6PM.

This is the lowest that I have seen since 1989. It occurred April 17, 2005 after a long Nor'easter. At one time that may have been the original Bay.

November 22, 2012. From Jimmy Cason - I took this picture in 1999, note the date in the lower right corner. I took it east of Garys house in Knotts Island Bay looking toward Swan Island. I don't recall the name of the storm, it may just have been a Noreaster. I remember that the wind had been N/NE at 30-40 MPH for 3 or 4 days. My brother Wayne & I decided to go out and look for artifacts. My Dad was at Brumley Landing as we were leaving... dragging the boat behind on the dry sand. He looked at us and said; "I always said you two were crazy, now I know you are".