Updated May 3, 2012.

January 17, 2011. A MONUMENT OF SHAME from the Elizabeth City Independent January 12, 1923.

This newspaper hears that Currituck County is not only going to have it Court House grounds beautified at the expense of Joseph P. KNAPP, a native of New York, but that Mr. KNAPP is going to supply the funds necessary to complete the unfinished monument to the Confederate dead on the Currituck County House grounds. I trust that the information that Currituck is going to let Mr. KNAPP finish that Confederate monument is not true; if the money of Joseph P. KNAPP or the money of any other Northern man is required to finish that monument, then it will be not a monument to Currituck's respect for its heroes of a lost cause, so much as a monument of everlasting shame to a county that marks itself as not having enough patriotism and local pride to honor its own. I am one of those who have never been keen for monuments reminding us of a conflict that we all should forget, but if we are to have monuments to the Confederacy, let the sons and daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of the Confederacy build them; shame on any county of the Confederacy that would confess either its poverty or its ingratitude by letting a Northern man build a monument for it. If Mr. KNAPP is going to finish that monument on the grounds of Currituck Court House, here's hoping it will be completed as a monument to a reunited nation or something like that.

Comment Barbara Snowden: After this article Mr. Knapp posted the drawing of the monument at the courthouse until all agreed to the design.

May 3, 2012. From Rod Mann.