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December 1, 2011. SUSIE LITCHFIELD



Malvina Senora Litchfield Age 16
John McLin & Malvina wedding day

Comment - Jim McLin: My connection to Knotts Island? Only that my grandfather married Malvina Senora Litchfield on 15 Aug 1915. Daughter of Alice Lenora Beasley and William Alonzo Litchfield. His name was John McLin of Norfolk, VA and I wonder about the approval of her family as they were married at a justice of the peace in Elizabeth City, NC and not the church she was so fond of. My older brother remembers that Malvina (our grandmother) used to love to take her children home to the Island during the summers and hear the visiting pastors or revivals. I know I had been told that after her death her family paid to have her body returned, by boat, to the cemetery located on Knotts Island by the Methodist church. She died giving birth and I was told that she was buried with the baby in her arms. Two perhaps a third of her other children are buried with her. Estelle who was run over by a truck at 5 years old in Norfolk, and Thelma Iris who was only 10 days old when she died. One other Infant is listed in a grave but we are unsure if that was from a previous birth or if it was the child she lost when she gave up her own life giving birth.

March 20, 2011. Comment - Jack Dudley: Alice Lenora Beasley parents were Joshua Beasley born 1815 and Henrietta Elizabeth Bonney born about 1835 they were married June 20, 1854 in Currituck Co. maybe Knotts Island.

May 5, 2011. Comment - Jim McLin: Alice Lenora Beasley 1867-1897 William Alonzo Litchfield 25Nov1868 - 2Mar1950. Worked at farming, fishing, duck hunting, guide. Enlisted in United States Life Saving Service 01 Nov 1907. Became part of the United States Coast Guard Service in 1915. Retired Dec 1932 at VA Beach Life Saving Station. Was a Freemason in Virginia Beach Lodge A.F. & A.M. As told by K. F. McLin.
Son Warren Alonzo Litchfield
Wife Eva Litchfield abt 1910.
March 20, 2011. Comment - Jim McLin: I'll give you what my father (K.F. McLin) wrote on the back of these photo's: I remember Great uncle/aunt Warren and Eva Litchfield ...Malvinas brother... He worked for the Post Office in Norfolk and Eva had been on the New York stage ... our mother says she was a "hoochie-coochie dancer"... you know how mom was about other women ...Buster(K.F. McLin, Jr.)

William, second wife Alice Bowden, son Landis
Second wife Alice, son Fletcher.
Son Fletcher, wife Dora, daughter Viola. I was told he drowned in his fishing net.
Viola and Vera.
Walter Litchfield brother of Malvina, wife Freda, children Ruth, Eva.
Walter Litchfield, wife Freda.
Joshua Beasley, Henrietta Elizabeth Bonney Beasley. Parents of Alice Lenora Beasley.

Comment - Gary: Penny Post card? Mail boat to Popular Branch. Steamboat Comet to Munden Point. Train to Norfolk?