Updated October 4, 2010.

H. D. BELL TRACT 1892 from the Dale Beasley collection.

Cemetery records show Haywood D. Bell being born Feb. 8, 1830 and dying Dec. 4, 1882.

Comment Gary Montalbine: Where does it fit?? Looking at Google Maps and this tract it appears it was located on the Bay between Whites Neck Lane and Hudgins Ln and West beyond what is now South End Rd. The Bay frontage is about 3265'. What makes it a little confusing to me is that it shows Walter Capps owning the land to the north and not to the west as it is today.

October 4, 2010. Comment. Gary Montalbine: The Delon propery description located here, DELON, indicates the Bell tract is located correctly. "On June 16, 1900, Thomas H. Delon purchased 71 acres of land from O.V. Halstead and wife for $1900. This is the same tract of land conveyed by deed from Annie V. Bell to W. W. White dated March 31, 1893. Thence to O. V. Halstead March 10, 1898. The property is bounded by W. E. W. Capps on the North. On the West by Caleb Ansell and L.R. Fentress. On the south by Z. T. Fentress and on the East by Knotts Island Bay." Z. T. Fentress therefore owned all or part of the 107 acre Lula Bell tract. The dividing line appears to be Parker Ln and our property is on the Fentress side.

October 3, 2010

From Brenda Twiford. Currituck County Record of Estates 1812-1926. Haywood D. Bell - 1883 as pertains to Knotts Island.

13 July 1883 - Appointment of Guardian Ad Litem. It appearing to the Court that John J., Bettie, Annie, Lula and Jos. BELL are infants under 21 years of age and without guardian.

13 Aug 1883 - Knotts Island tract, known as the "Peter tract" containing 175 acres.

15 Mar 1885 - Sold on Knotts Island for Mrs. E.A. BELL, guardian for the heirs of H.D. BELL estate. This was corn that sold for $154.15 minus J.J. BELL's share of $30.83 bringing the total to $123.32.

3 Sept 1886 - Petition to Divide Land. Knotts Island Tract - adjoining the lands of Walter CAPPS, Henry WHITE, Devany WATERFIELD, Malachi WATERFIELD tract and Knotts Island Bay containing 150 acres.