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February 5, 2011. CURRITUCK'S BIRTH by Henry Beasley Ansell


January 16, 2016. LAND PATENTS

August 1, 2010. A link to the Virginia-North Carolina Boundary settlement.

August 2, 2010. A link to North Carolina Maps


February 22, 2015. From Jane Brumley.

Those of us who are long time residents and travelers up and round the bays & islands of KI, Back Bay, Currituck Sound etc.. have seen and can attest to many changes of the topography of these areas. Many islands that once could be used for cattle, crops etc.. have about totally disappeared. Cedar Island, Little Cedar Island, near where we like to cruise in late afternoon summers on our pontoon boat have astounding changes from year to year. Little Cedar is gone. Cedar is also disappearing and the last photos showing the club house tumbling in the bay were taken, by me, probably 5 yrs ago. Yet, when George Bullock got the grant for Cedar Island back in the latter half of the 1600's was for 500 acres. Cindy tells me Big Blubber & Little Blubber has or is disappearing from Knotts Island waterways. To put this in perceptive, my house stands where the Old Currituck Inlet was located and mentioned by Wm. Byrd in his History of the Dividing Line of it almost closed and the New Currituck Inlet was now @ the South end of KI. Same with Washwoods. It was once a thriving community of folks growing crops with 2 churches, school etc... They were driven away by the changes of the maritime forest and sand taking away the fertile land and their homes. So, it is hard sometimes, to understand old deeds that mention acres is now maybe a few tuffs of marsh.

Land Grants

May 12, 2010. Comment - Melinda Lukei: Land Grants didn't mean that they were not on the land before the grants were issued. The person getting the grant sponsored a person or paid for passage of an individual and when he did he got 50 acres of land for that payment of that persons passage. The person coming in became a indenture servant for 7 years and then that person got 50 acres of land, a suit of clothes and a bible. All the grants for Knotts Island were given in Virginia and that's where you find the record. Every man, women and child counted.

August 22, 2010. Comment - Jane Brumley: I am looking for a grant or patent on a Francis Morse and have not yet found it. I am trying to clear up the fact that Morse Point was so named for him and he was also a vestryman in Princess Anne County. He was also mentioned in the 1710 - 1711 Philip Ludwell Journal. Philip Ludwell was a member of a commission that was "suppose" to complete a dividing line between Carolina and Virginia. However, the final dividing line was later completed by Col. Byrd in 1728.


1902 Survey Map. Note the 2 roads to the Island

October 8, 2010 Comment - Jane Brumley: From William Byrd's Histories of the Dividing Line Betwixt Virginia and North Carolina. North Carolina Archives & History

This map was made in 1867. It shows the Dismal Swamp Canal connecting to Elizabeth City,NC. It also shows the Albermarle and Chesapeake Canal connecting to the North Landing River and into Currituck Sound.

Fm Rod Mann. 1770 Colletts Map. Notice Notts or Mackys Island
1861 This is a link to the online version. North Carolina Maps.