MEMORIES 1940's-50's

March 9, 2013. From Rod Mann. This picture was being used as a bookmark in an old book we found at the Senior Center. It was probably considered a bad picture because one of the girls is covering her face, most likely because she can't keep from laughing. I like the picture for its candid quality and wonder if anyone can identify the girls or the place.........or remember saddleback shoes on Knotts Island? Did fads reach Knotts Island in the Fifties?

From Jane Brumley. Yes indeed. Saddle shoes were all the rage in the 1950's here. But they had to be "Spaulding" brand. I was in high school in the late 50's & we did not dress like the girls in the pic. I think it looks more like the 40's. I remember the boys with "peg pants", pink shirts, black pants & some had ducktail styled hair or crew cuts. Girls wore John Meyer brand sweaters & matching skirts. Also flared skirts with lots of crinolines. We also had shoes that were like ballet slippers and the brand to have was Trotters. Back then, dates were in cars. It was unheard of to date a boy driving a truck. My times have changed. Rock & Roll music was all the rage beginning in the fifties too. Yes, we all started listening to local radio station WRAP. It was an all black owned music station located in Norfolk & became all the rage with teen-agers. Jeans were not allowed as school attire for classes or activities. It was also when "Bermuda" shorts became popular & toreador pants.

From Melinda Lukei. I graduated in 1956 from Princess Anne High School as did the folks from Knotts Island. I had several cousins in my class from Knotts Island. I have pictures in my Junior and Senior years wearing Spaulding Saddle Shoes and Trottes. My husband had a pink shirt in high school also, worn at Easter 1956. He also cut his hair to crew cut in 1957.