Updated January 18, 2013.

Knotts Island, Currituck Co., NC Death Records.
Collected by Nina White and Madeline Waterman.
Typed by Melinda Jones Lukei

This is material that I had in my file that I thought would help others researching families of Knotts Island. Much of the information is connecting persons with families.
    I first realized that Miss Nina White was keeping a detail record around 1979 when I began researching my families of Knotts Island. She was kind enough to share several pieces of information that helped tie my families together. I think her mother saved tid-bits of information of families of the church before she took over. There is information of families that I would not have known if she had not saved this. I believe she got much of it from newspapers as some people were not buried on Knotts Island.
    When Miss Nina past away, Mrs. Madeline Waterman began collecting information to go with that already collected. I believe her mother was able to help her with newspaper clippings she had saved during the years.
    The only thing I did was copy the material and put it in a form that would be easy for the lay person to understand. I used several abbreviations which I need to explain.
b = born
d= died
w/o = the wife of
h/o = the husband of
s/o = the son of
d/o = the daughter of
gs/o = the grandson of
md = married
    I hope this will be useful in discovering the genealogy of your family.


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