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October 11, 2014. Melinda Lukei - Peter Newman b 18 October 1822 died 21 June 1919 buried in Knotts Island Cemetery. Peter married Sarah Ann White 12 April 1850. She was b 26 September 1832, d 6 December 1913. She was the daughter of Vincent White b 1802 and Mary D. Fentress b 1810.
    a. William Lee Newman. b October 1852. d January 1870
    b. John Winston Newman. b 4 April 1856. d 2 January 1932. Married Nancy Litchfield. She was b Nov 1868. d 19 Apr 1948. She was the daughter of Ezekiel Litchfield and Ann Morse.
        Children: a. Dallie Eugenie Newman. b 31 July 1888. d 18 July 1969.
    c. Henry Lee Newman was b 20 March 1858, d 18 February 1924, md 24 April 1888 Lydia Ann Waterfield who was born 15 September 1864 d 19 April 1948. She was the daughter of Reuben Waterfield b January 1840 d 1 May 1906 and Georgianna b 10 December 1844 d 8 November 1915.
        a. William Lee Newman. b April 1889. d between 1935 – 1937. md Lola Williams
        b. Harvey Octavius Newman was born 9 January 1891 d 10 December 1959. He married Lucy Waterfield in 1913. Daughter Rhetta.
        c. Leecie A. Newman b 17 August 1895 d 1977.
    d. Mary Frances “Fanny” Newman b 27 February 1862. d 24 September 1936. She married Elvie Delandorf Bowden. b November 1859. d 1937. He was the son of Timothy Bowden and Mary Beasley.
        a.Walter Linwood Bowden b June 1883, d 7 June 1960.
        b. Verna Irene Bowden b 9 August 1887. d 1943.
        c. Nerna A. Bowden b 9 August 1887. d 18 April 1959.
    e. Arseneth Newman b 1865, d 1954. Married James Elsie Kelly 14 July 1882. He was b 18 April 1861, d 3 March 1935. James Kelly.
        a. Horace Greely Kelly b 5 December 1887. d 22 February 1888.
        b. Mary Edith Kelly b 17 July 1890 at Mackey Island. d 11 March 1976
        c. Ann Virginia Kelly b 17 August 1892 at Currituck Beach. d 2 September 1958.
        d. Bessie Virginia Kelly b 2 March 1895 Morse Point. d 7 June 1976.
        e. Raymond Lee Kelly b 20 February 1900 at Morse Point. d 31 October 1952.
    f. Lina Newman b 11 June 1869. d 5 April 1910. Married James Monroe Lee Duncan on 24 December 1890. He was born August 1864 and was the son of Alexander Dunton and Elizabeth.
        a. Rosa L. Dunton. m Harold Hampton.
        b. Bettie Dunton b August 1894. d October 1982. m John L. Doxey.


October 11, 2014. Jane Brumley - I knew both Harvey & Leecie. In fact, for many years I thought Miss Leecie and Harvey Newman were husband and wife as his wife died before I was born. Miss Leecie and Harvey were both members of KI Methodist Church. They lived in the house on the opposite side of Solo Lane ( just a bit north & near the little cemetery). Harvey had a daughter and I believe her name was Rhetta. I believed she lived somewhere in NC. I don't remember meeting or seeing her.

November 15, 2014. Loretta Youngman - MEMORIES OF KNOTTS ISLAND -
My grandfather was Harvey Octavious Newman. He was married to Lucy Bellzora Waterfield and they had one daughter, Rhetta Elizabeth. She married William Franklin Burton while she was at Elon College in North Carolina and they had three children Loretta Anne, William “Bill" and Kathy.

We visited Knotts Island many many times during my childhood and adulthood. I have fond memories of my Grandfather tacking up Georgie Buck, the horse to his cart and taking my brother and me all around the roads. We also rode the horse and went on fishing trips and sailing. I think he had the only sailboat on the Island at that time and my Aunt Leecie made the sails. Coming back for meals after our adventures was to country ham cured by my grandfather and wonderful veggies that they had grown and my favorite the ducks. Thanksgiving was not turkey for us but wild duck and my Mother cooked that for us for many years .....to this day I cannot do it as well as she did.

When my grandfather passed away, the house was crowded with mourners and many people gave my Mother money that Harvey had loaned them. They all had stories of his kindness.

When Lucy, his wife, passed away my Aunt Leecie came to live with him to run the house. She was a fabulous cook and was always overjoyed when we came to visit.

Harvey's father was Henry who had Harvey, William, and Leecie. Henry's father was Peter and his father was Jack. Jack came from England and his father was one of the English poets that I studied in school . He developed small pox and they put him off the ship across from the island and a woman was tending cattle there and took him in, took him home and married him. I think she was a Waterfield.

I remember pumps at the kitchen sink and an outhouse. It was really something to have running water in the house and finally a bathroom! We even had a TV there and sat in the living room watching it and keeping warm with the old stove that Aunt Leecie keep loaded with coal. He would take my brother and me into Virginia Beach where he sold eggs. He farmed and had hogs, ducks and chickens.

My brother and I LOVED going there and have wonderful memories of times there and of all the relatives and gregarious people AND going to my cousin Herman's store for an orange popsicle.

My Mother was a math and English teacher until she retired. My brother and I were blessed to have the Knotts Island heritage and the Piedmont North Carolina heritage.

Wedding - Harvey Newman, Lucy Waterfield
Lucy, Rhetta, Harvey
Lucy, sister Lala
Harvey, Lucy
Rhetta, Eliz. Madge Williams
Rhetta frozen KI Bay
William Lee Newman
John Upton Waterfield, Eliz. Belinda Jones. Rhetta's Grandparents
John Upton Waterfield