Updated August 12, 2010.

In 1922 Elswood "Pud" White purchased a house at the end of Brumley Road on the Currituck Sound and converted it into a hunting lodge. The lodge was divided into two sections; the main two-story building used to house guests, while the family living quarters were in the rear section including three bedrooms, kitchen and dining room. The public lodge accommodated sportsmen regularly from Norfolk, Charlotte, and New Jersey until 1946 when it was destroyed by a fire. Pud's lodge was noted for excellent duck and goose shooting from brushed water blinds in the Sound.

Pud White, second from left.
Pud White standing by his boat and pier in the Mill Cove. Pud built his own boats and also built boats for others, he also made his own decoys as pictured here.
1920's photograph of the Duck Shed at Pud White's hunting lodge. The man cleaning the ducks and geese was one of A. C. Ward's cooks. The young boy on the porch is Edmond White, son of lodge owner Elswood "Pud" White.