Updated July 7, 2010.

I am Sibyl Lorraine White Merkel. My father was Marshall Sheldon White. My mother was Addie Lorraine Cason.

I remember when I was in the 5th or 6th grade my daddy asked me to write a letter for him and Uncle Pud. It was to go to the State of Virginia Game Warden. I cannot remember the offical title, but Daddy was helping Uncle Pud with the duck blinds. They were getting ready for hunting season and had to renew the license. Since neither of them could write well, they gave me the measurements between each blind in yards and feet, as they had to be a certain distance away from each other. I was so proud to be able to help, however, instead of sending in measurements in yards and feet, I wrote feet and inches. Well you can just imagine the problems I caused. The State Game Warden went to Knotts Island and investigated the measurements which caused a delay in Uncle Pud and Daddy getting the license renewed. They were both so upset with me, I was afraid to see either of them for weeks. They finallly forgave me, but it took a while.

Another thing I remember was staying at Aunt Laurel Jones house for a week, one summer. Me being a city girl from Va. Beach, this was quite a treat. One morning she woke me very early and asked me to come down stairs as quick as I could. When I did she took me to see her cat that was giving birth to several kittens. Kind of shocking for a 12 year old back then, of course today the 12 year olds know a lot more.

Also when we used to visit my Aunt Aleen Cason, Wilbur Cason's wife, anytime there was an electrical storm we had to sit in the sitting room on the sofa and could not talk or move. They were so frightened of the storm. Also could not stand near a window or door jam. To this day I am afraid of thunder and lightning.

Sunday dinners at Uncle Sidney's and Aunt Leila's were always a treat and we would look forward to seeing all of our cousins.