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January 30, 2011. JOHN H WHITEHURST

October 13, 2010. WHITE'S in the Civil War

October 13, 2010. WALTER V. DUDLEY

November 14, 2010. NANCY WHITE Prisoner of War

August 6, 2010. From the Brenda Twiford Collection. The Beacon April 8, 2007.

November 14, 2010. Comment Jack Dudley: My Great Grandfather`s Nephew Wilson Rodgers Dudley from Blackwater rode with Capt. John T. Caffee`s Local Defence Force. Captains David H. Bright and John T. Caffee merged their Company`s Aug.6,1863 and became a Recognized Company with Confederate States Army on Sept.3,1863. Known as the {Pungo Rangers}. It was important for them to be recognized by CSA. That meant if captured they would be treated like any other Army POW. Had they had been Guerrillas they could have been Hanged on site with No Trial.
The Yankee post at Pungo Point was at what is now Old Pungo Ferry Rd. in Va. Beach on the East side of North Landing River.

November 22, 2010. Comment - Jane Brumley: I think the newspaper article is not totally correct. The grave stone of John W. Caffee shows he was born December 2, 1837 and died December 23, 1861. So this John Caffee has passed on before the Civil War.

Following from Kenny Harris; Book
John T. Caffee, Capt. Company A, Burroughs Battalion Partisan Rangers was born in 1815, Currituck Co. He died in Princess Anne County in 1872 and is buried in the Caffee family Cemetery in the south field behind Winesett Nursery on Drum Point Road in Va Beach.

Brother of John T. Caffee was Jesse Monroe Caffee, Private, Company A, Burroughs Battalion Partisan Rangers. Born August 1822 in Currituck Co. He died in his home on Knotts Island, Currituck Co in 1887. I checked the Currituck Co. Cemetary Book but I cannot find his grave. When I helped gathering info for the Cemetery Book many stones had already been destroyed. If we could locate it the Princess Anne Sons of the Confederacy will place a stone.

I am sure the Solomon Caffee buried on the Fentress/Chaplain property is Solomon W..Caffee, Private Company A Burroughs Battalion Partisan Rangers. He was born January 1814 in Currituck Co. He is listed in the book as being buried in Fentress/Chaplain Cemetery.

March 24, 2013. From Jane Brumley. Here is a drawing of Fort Norfolk during the Civil War. It was only in Confederate hands approximately one year. It was then in hands of the Yankees and used as a hospital and prison for blockade runners. It was where my great-grandfather, Jesse Bowden, from KI was prisoner. Others captured by Yankee forces include: Walter A. Waterfield, William Baggby, Alexander Waterfield, John E. Waterfield, Jessie C. Waterfield, Lemual A Cooper, Wallace B. Baxter, William Cooper.

August 19, 2010. From Jane Brumley. UNITED DAUGHTERS OF THE CONFEDERACY.

August 19, 2010.Comment: Melinda Lukei. I had no idea that so many ladies belonged to the UDC from Knotts Island. Maybe we could find some the pictures of the men in their uniforms. I knew many of their ancestor served but I didn't know anyone went in on the UDC line. This is wonderful news, even my own great grandmothers Alice V. Jones and Julie White are there. I am tickled pink.

August 20, 2010. Comment: Sybil Merkle. It shows my paternal grandmother, Julia White and I believe that Dora J. Cason is my maternal grandmother. I am a second cousin of Melinda's.