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From Jane Brumley.

Andrew J. Ansell
Jonathan Ansell
Samuel Ansell
William Ansell
Caleb Beasley
Joachium Beasley, Merrimac
Jesse Bowden
John Bowden
Tully Capps
Walter V Dudley
William J Simpson
William G. Simpson
William Smith
Caleb Spratt
Thomas Spratt
Allan Waterfield
Alexander Waterfield
Corey Waterfield
David Waterfield
Henry Waterfield
Jarvis Waterfield
Jesse Waterfield
John Waterfield
John E Waterfield
John J Waterfield
Joseph Waterfield
Leaven Waterfield
Malachi James Waterfield
Martin Waterfield
Samuel J Waterfield
Walter A Waterfield
James Ward
Edward Ward
Caleb White
Edmond White
Henry White
Jesse C White, SGT, Rangers
William H White
John H Whitehurst
Christopher Wicker
W Wicker

Andrew J. Ansell

August 8, 2013. Andrew J. Ansell (1843-1907) son of William Ansell and Ann Beasley (sister of Sarah Ann Ansell Bowden) enlisted on Aug 8, 1861, Oak Grove, Norfolk Co for one year as a pvt with Capt. John W.M. Hopkins, Wilson's Battalion, Virginia Infantry. One year later mustered out and transferred to Company B. Virginia 61st Infantry Regiment. By Nov 1862 he was in Chimborazo hospital, Richmond, Va, with bronchitis and dysentery. Returned to duty and was taken prisioner in Petersburg, Va. He was exchanged Mar 28, 1865, returning to Co. B. At the end of the war he was paroled Apr 25, 1865. This means he signed the oath to United States.

July 6, 2013. The Pungo Rangers. From the book "Princess Anne County, Virginia: Its Contributions and Sacrifices to The War Between The States" by Kenneth Harris

In the Fall of 1862, John T. Caffee and David H. Bright had been in Princess Anne County with a company of about fifty or so men known as the Pungo Rangers. They were acting as a Partisan Home Guard unit wreaking havoc on patrolling Yankee regiments in the County. However, they were not yet mustered into the Confederate army. This would soon change. Caffee’s company consisted of such men as, Caleb and William White of Knotts Island, Virginius Land who resided near Kempsville, Solomon and Jesse Caffee of Pungo Ridge, Jesse and James Caffee of Nanneys Creek, Gideon Willkerson, Johnathan, Samuel, and William Ansell, Tully Capps, William J. and William G. Simpson, William Smith, Jarvis, Corey, John, David, and John J. Waterfield, along with James and Edward Ward, all from Knotts Island. Martin Grimstead, and Wilson Dudley both from Back Bay, Elzy Morse of Morse Point, William Munden of Princess Anne, William Shipp who resided near the Princess Anne Courthouse, Theophulas Bartee who lived between Kempsville and the Princess Anne Courthouse, Theoderic Moore of Pungo Ridge, William Carroll of Blackwater, James Brinson, William “Bill” Parker, and Luke Hill also from Princess Anne. All of these men were by conscript either too old or too young to enlist in the regular Confederate army, and would later become part of Burroughs’ Battalion Partisan Rangers Company A.