Edward and Garland Waterfield

May 29, 2010. Edward Hardy Waterfield, Jr., (b 1876 d 1953) was a hunting guide on Knotts Island. He married Josephine Whitehurst (b 1884 d 1906). She is buried in what may be the “old graveyard” of Knotts Island in the woods and east of the old fire station. Her tomb gives her death as 1 May 1906, 22 yrs old. Her father-in-law, E. H. Waterfield (b 22 Feb 1850 d 27 April 1899) is also there. Edward H. Waterfield, Jr. is buried in the Knotts Island cemetery as are his brothers, Moody, Durwood, and Leonard.

Garland Edward Waterfield ( b 1903 d 1974) was born to Edward Hardy Waterfield Jr. and Josephine Waterfield, just three (3) years before his mother’s death. Garland married Eva Doxey (b 1904 d 1980) and they were the parents of Iris, Aubrey, Everett, and Myron. Eva was the daughter of Enoch Doxey (b 1876 d 1952) and Maude Morris (b 1881 d 1932. Enoch later married Bertha Etheridge, a sister of Mary Delon.

Edward Hardy Waterfield Jr
Josephine Whitehurst Waterfield
Garland Edward Waterfield
Eva Doxey Waterfield
Maude Doxey
Enoch Doxey
Enoch and Bertie Doxey