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Andrew J. Waterman. Born 15 JUN 1874 in North Carolina. Died 8 NOV 1939 on Knotts Island.
Wife: Etta Miller Ansell 1884-1953.
Estelle 1907-died after 1920, Harold L. 1910, Marjorie E. 1915, Lendell James 1917-1996, Emmett V. 1922, Willie Cone Ansell (Jr.) 1902-1977 Step-son

March 3, 2011. Comment - Jane Miller Brumley: Etta Miller Waterman was the sister of my grandfather Levy Miller father of James Noni Miller and father of Jane Miller Brumley

Lendell James Waterman 1943
Madeline, Lendell 1940?

I'm Amber Oakes Woodward, daughter of Jo Ann Waterman, Granddaughter of Madeline Waterfield Waterman and Lendell James Waterman (1917-1996), both are buried on the Island. My interests lie specifically with WATERMAN, WATERFIELD, and CAPPS, although as with everyone, I have a link to most all the names.

I spent my summers as a little girl on the Island, and my mother grew up on the Island. My grandmother lived right in front of Mrs. Beasley and I spent many an hour on her tire swing, and hanging out at the PO as a little girl in the summer talking to everyone who stopped by. What was so unique looking back is that I could send a letter to "Grandmama and Granddaddy", Knotts Island, NC and it would get to them. Everyone knew which Grandmama it went to by the return address. Ha.Great memories.

This was the childhood home of my mother, Jo Ann Waterman and her parents, Lendell James Waterman and Madeline Waterfield Waterman. Lendell's Mother, Mrs. Etta Ansell also lived in the home and I believe originally owned the home. I believe the photo was taken around 1943.

This is from my Aunt Linda Jane Waterman (Weatherly) about the placement of the old house on the wild life refuge. She grew up in the house.
"As for the old house, if you are looking at the property from the road, the tree line to the left is where the dirt road was that went back to the house. There were two ditches that had to be crossed over and we referred to them as "the first bridge" and "the second bridge". There was no bridge that I can remember, just ditches. I can sorta visualize the new drive that goes back to the building that is or was located and belonging to the Wildlife. If I recall correctly, that drive way is located approximately in the center of the property. And yes, I think the drive would go right over the area where the old house stood. If any of the trees or shrubs were left, I could just about pinpoint the placement of the house."

This home was purchased by the state in 1967-68 for the Mackey Island Wild life Refuge. It was subsequently torn down. My grandparents then built a new home right beside the Post office in 1968, and it's still there today. Behind the house there is a brown apartment and garage that my Grandfather built for his mother-in-law, (my great-grandmother) Mrs. Mattie Waterfield. She lived there until the late 1970's at which time she got very sick with Alzheimer's/Dementia. The home was in my family until my grandfather's death in 1996.

Andrew and Etta Waterman House 1920

March 8, 2011. Comment - Burleigh Wade: The front part of this house was replaced by Lendell's home and the back part moved behind the new house.

4 Generations of Watermans/Waterfields. Taken in 1973, at the home of Madeline Virginia Waterfield Waterman. Jo Ann Waterman Oakes, her mother, Madeline Virginia Waterfield Bottom row: Amber Leigh Oakes, age 2, Mattie Carroll Waterfield. Me, My mom, my grandmother, my great-grandmother.

Aldon, Lendell 1920-25
Lendell, Margie, Louise C-1920
Jo Ann, Uncle Emmett 1945
Jo Ann, Uncle Harold?
Harold, Maude
Lendall, Caswell Capps