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December 6, 2012. By Brenda Twiford. Patrick White - Ancestor of the Knotts Island White Family

Patrick White came to America as an indentured servant to Major Thomas Lambert. Thomas Lambert was given 650 acres of land in 1652 for bringing Patrick and others into the colony. Patrick White sued Thomas Lambert because Thomas wouldn't release him from his indenture in 1656. Jan. 1653 Patrick was given 50 acres of land in Lancaster County, Va. Sept 30,1670 Patrick received a land grant for 160 acres of land on the west side of the North River falling into Corotoke (Currituck). April 20, 1682 Patrick received a land grant of 323 acres at North end of Knotts Island and 900 acres at the South End of Knotts Island including Crow Island SE from his plantation on Knotts Island. Oct. 21, 1687 Patrick received 400 acres SW of Sympson's Creek. Patrick White and William White may be brothers as they received land patents together on Knotts Island next to each other on April 20, 1682 and November 20, 1683. William White sells land to Patrick White Jr. on July 8, 1703. Patrick White inventory on October 5, 1690 and will probated on April 1692, Princess Anne Co., Virginia, mentioned his Wife Elizabeth and his children Solomon, Patrick, Dinah, Ruth and Elizabeth.

Updated June 5, 2010. By Jerri Lyn Driver Powers. My White Ancestors to Patrick White.

Solomon White was the son of Patrick White as noted above. Died 1690. He and his wife, Mary Spratt, had 4 children. Henry, died 1754, Elizabeth, died 1761, Solomon Jr., died 1734 and William, died 1765.

Henry White was the son of Solomon White. Died Dec. 22, 1751. He and his wife, Ledia Church, had 7 children. Mary, Hilary, Henry, born 1725 died 1792, Joseph, died 1784, Joshua, died 1777, Church and Caleb.

Henry White, (Jr. not used) was the son of Henry White. Died Jan. 27, 1792. He and his wife, Litisha Ansell, had 7 children. John, died after 1810, Caleb, died before 1810, Henry Jr., died 1800, Capt. Solomon, born 1790-1795, married Arseneth White who died in 1833, Nancy, Mary and Lydia. A note: Capt. Solomon had a shipyard on the south end of Knotts Island. He was lost at sea.

Henry White, Jr. was the son of Henry White. Death date unknown. He and his wife, Mary, had 6 children. Lydia, Sarah, Amy, Julia, Henry, born 1790-1795, Hillary, 1852.

Hillary White, was the son of Henry White, Jr. Died 1838. He and his wife, Mary had 7 children. Jessie, born 1815 died 1887, Lydia, born 1817 died 1908, Mary Hardy, born 1825, Caleb, born 1827, Elizabeth (Betsy), born 1830 died 1871, Frances, born 1850 died 1856 and Hillary Jr., no dates found.

Mary Litchfield White
Jessie White
Arseneth White

Jessie White was the son of Hillary White. Died Feb. 26, 1887. He and his wife, Mary Waterfield, had 3 children. Arseneth, born 1838 died 1870, Edmond Lee, born 1840 died 1861 and Jessie C., born 1842 died 1912. Jessie married again to Elizabeth Litchfield; mother and child died at birth of Hillary in 1865. Jessie married for a third time to Mary E. Litchfield, and had 3 children. Edmond Lee, born 1865 died 1938, William Henry Bonney, born 1874 died 1955 and Mary Angelina, born 1876. Arseneth White married Andrew Jackson Spratt.

Edmond Lee White
Julia Williams

Edmond Lee White was the son of Jessie White and Mary E. Litchfield. Born Jan. 16th, 1865 and died Feb. 20, 1938. He and his wife Julia Etta Williams had 9 children. Mildred Lee, born 1887 died 1966, Laurel Cornelia, born 1888 died 1968, Elswood Roy, (PUD), born 1890 died 1965, Marshall Shelton, born 1893 died 1961, Sidney Guy, born 1894 died 1900, Roxie Etta, born 1896 died 1987, Frederick Hope, born 1898 died 1981, Ina Lucille, born 1901 and Aubrey, born 1902 died 1904.

Brenda Twiford: - Edmond Lee White was known to everyone as Ebb, and to his grandchildren as Papa White. Papa White was a farmer and supposedly the best trapper on the island. It is said that he could still jump flatfooted out of a pickle barrel at age (60).

Addie, Alethia
Alethia, Madora, Addie, Marguerite
Madora, Marquerite, Sibyl, Laurel, Alethia

Marshall Shelton White was the son of Edmond Lee White. He is my Grandfather. Born March 13, 1893 and died Aug. 19, 1961. He and his wife, Addie Lorraine Cason had 7 children; 5 girls lived. Alethia (Eeky) , born 1912 died 2003, Madora (Dora), born 1914 died 2007, Rondell Shelton, 1916 died 1921 of diphtheria, Infant girl, born 1920 died 1925, Marguerite Elizabeth, born Aug. 1921, Laurel Hortense, born 1925 and Sibyl Lorraine, born 1932.

Marguerite, Pat, Dawn, Larry
Jerri age 6
Marguerite & Bob Howard

Marguerite E. White is the daughter of Marshall Shelton White. She is my Mother. Born Aug. 1921. Married Gilbert (Pat) Wootson Driver. They had three children. Dawn Lee, born 1942, Larry Odell, (changed his name to Larry Howard), born 1944 and Jerri Lyn, born 1948. Marguerite married a 2nd time to Robert C. Howard, no children.

Jerri & Frank Powers

Jerri Lyn Driver. (now Jerri Powers). I am the daughter of Marguerite White and Pat Driver. I was born October 30, 1948. I married Thomas Bruce Lowery. We have one son, Terry Wayne Lowery, born Sept. 13, 1966. I married a 2nd time to Frank Anthony Powers. No children from 2nd marriage.

August 6, 2011. By Melinda Lukei: Laurel Cornelia White was the daughter of Edmond Lee White and Julia Etta Williams. This is my line, picking up from there. Laurel Cornelia White, the second child of Edmond and Julia was born 11 Dec 1888 at Knotts Island. Died 20 Jan 1968 in Virginia Beach. She married Paul Campbell Jones on 12 May 1907 at Knotts Island.

William & Mary Angelina
William Henry
William & Anne wedding

William Henry Bonney White, son of Jesse White and Mary Waterfield, was born on 29 Mar 1874 in Knotts Island, NC. He married Anne Virginia Spratt. They were married on 21 Jan 1897 in Currituck County, NC. He died on 06 Nov 1955 in Knotts Island, NC. Residence in Knotts Island, North Carolina. William H. B. White and Anne Spratt had 5 Children. Pauline, born 1898 died 1986, Emmett, born 1903 died 1991, Bennett, born 1901 died 1905, Edith, born 1909 died 1928 and Mary Ruth, born 1916.

May 14, 2010. By Melinda Lukei. Jim Waterfield's grandfather was William Henry Bonney White and his grandmother was Anne Virginia Spratt. His mother Edith Minerva White married Harold Henry Waterfield.

William Henry Bonney White was a younger brother to my great-grandfather Edmond Lee White who married Julia Etta Williams. Edmond Lee was father of my grandmother Laurel Cornelia White who married Paul Campbell Jones. Most of the people now on the Island descend from this Edmond White and Julie Williams line.

Mary, Edward, Children

Mary Angelina White, daughter of Jesse White and Mary Waterfield, was born on 11 Feb 1876 in Knotts Island, NC. She married Edward Jackson Simpson. They were married on 10 Mar 1892 in Knotts Island, Currituck County, NC. She died on 15 Feb 1955 in Princess Anne County, VA. Mary Angelina White and Edward Jackson Simpson had 9 children. Resa, born 1893 died 1976, Eunice, born 1897 died 1897, Roy, born 18998, Rudie, born 1901 died 1985, Ruth, born 1904, Freda, born 1909 died 1994, Myrta, born 1914, Harvey, born 1916, Linwood, born 1918.