Updated November 14, 2010.

NANCY WHITE Prisoner of War.

November 12, 2010. Brigadier General Edward Wild

November 14, 2010. Wild in North Carolina

November 9, 2010.

The hand written note around the edge was written by Alyda White Beasley and states that Susan White was the wife of William Henry White, my GreatGrandFather. Susan gave birth that night to Marshal, the owner of the gold watch handed down to Will F. White, my father. Nancy was the 10 year old girl they took prisoner. We have heard she was 16. She stayed in the Port Norfolk jail six months without a change of clothes. Nancy is buried with her parents in our grave yard, Susan and William Henry Sr. Also William Henry Jr. and Lenora, my Grandparents.

Additional comment by Alyda White Beasley. This story was different from our family tale. We heard William Henry and the Confederates were on Freshman and saw his barn and boats burn when they left. The Federal soldiers took Nancy, his 16 year old daughter, instead of Grandma Susan because she was with child. Marshal was born that night. Nanny left an old yellow sheet of paper with it all on it but Mary Dey, her daughter, would not let anyone read it for her mother thought it was a disgrace to stay in jail. They took another woman but no one knows her name. When they passed Oakgrove Church they burned it down. Also all of my GreatGrand parents and Grand parents are buried in our old grave yard.

August 8, 2010. Mildred Strawhand interviewed by Melinda Lukei

Mildred Strawhand told me of her families experience with the Yankees during the Civil War. It was 1863 and a group of Yankees stole a boat at Back Bay and crossed to Knotts Island to a spot called "The Neck". They barged into the house asking for food. When they had eaten and taken everything they demanded that Mr. White (Mildred’s grandfather) be their prisoner but he wasn’t there. He was on Freshman Island so they decided to take his wife Susan. Susan was expecting a baby anytime so her daughter Nancy said she would go instead for her. The Yankees set the barn on fire and took Nancy to Pungo Ferry where she was kept overnight. Another women was taken too but Mrs. Strawhand couldn’t recall her name. The next day they were taken to Port Norfolk where she was kept for two months. Somehow she got back to Knotts Island from Port Norfolk. She later married Eugene Ballance. Her mother Susan delivered her brother Marshall the night the Yankees burned the barn down.

August 30, 2010. Comment - Jane Brumley: In History of Lower Tidewater, VA. Wichard Vol II, there is mention of a Mrs Eugene Ballance held prisoner at Pungo Ferry. It seems she was being held in an exchange for a Federal prisoner held by the Confederates.